Monday, November 03, 2008

monday meditations

Many people got their LOA's this week. Awesome. We look forward to more great news and seeing these babies coming home soon!!!!

i am so thankful that so many families have been united this year

prayer request
as the election is almost over, i am praying for our new president and the leaders around the world. i pray our president has a heart for adoption

i pray for the country of China.

i pray for those whose hearts are leaning toward adoption that they will continue to follow.

i pray for those babies with SN that will need medical treatment when they come home. i pray for healthy and a speedy recovery.

what are you praying for?


Don and Be said...

Good morning, Amy. Thanks for the Adoption Month reminder. I missed it completely. Oy!

Carol said...

I pray these referrals pick friends are losing hope.....I'm sending all of you prayers today!!!!!!!! and HUGS!!!

Alyson & Ford said...

Thank you for being a prayer warrior, faithful in your prayers.
I pray for the children still waiting for their forever family; you were good to remind us about National Adoption Month.
I have wanted to do something in our church with adoption awareness but just haven't pulled together a plan yet.

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