Monday, December 08, 2008


Praises, The Straight family is complete. Faith found her beautiful, wonderful family today.. Go and see how beautiful this family is here.
I am thankful that friends new and old are going back to China and other parts of the world to make their families complete.

I am praying. I don't think I realized how many orphans there are around the world. Kids that just don't get hugged or played with nearly as much as they should.
Is it too much to pray that everyone finds a family??? I pray that during a dark time in this world, that families will follow when they doors opening in front of them.
I also pray for the birth families of our babies. We may never know their story, but for whatever reason, they had to give up their children. I pray for them today.

I know some of us waiting are discouraged. You have emailed me. We have chatted. I also pray for our hearts that we find a peace that can only come from God!


Kristy said...

I also pray these same prayers. This was such a beautiful post.
Love and blessings, Kristy

Anonymous said...

Never too many prayers for orphans! Never!

Kiy said...

That was my first thought too - beautiful post. And, as always, thinking of uplifting others. You continue to inspire and amaze me gal.


redmaryjanes said...

I worry that people are pulling out and drawing away from adoption. I don't think you can pray too much for the orphans. They need us to be strong for them and keep them in the front of our hearts.

Margaret Miracle said...

I'm praying with you! May you and Michael have a blessed Christmas!

Dan and Liz said...

Dear Amy
Thank you for hosting the Adoption Option Group Friday. We had so much fun connecting with our good friends. We pray every day for every child to find their forever family. Life is amazing - It can turn on a dime- as it did for Faith this week. God is so good and I know it is His desire to help every family be complete. So for those waiting for their referral - Godspeed, for those waiting to hold their bundle of joy- God's Peace and for the the Children waiting - God please hold them safely in your arms until they meet their families. Bless you little Christopher Family and Merry Christmas
Liz Dan Zach and Michelle

Anonymous said...

Muah!My prayer is that next Chistmas- the Christopher family will be complete too! Mom