Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall 2010

Oh I wish I could put these days on hold. Sweet Days, Cuddly days. Even the ones where I wish she came with instructions. The faces she makes are the best. The random kisses and hugs are the best. We have had such fun lately. School has started, fall is here and we have looked for pumpkins, visited Helen, Ga and went to the Apple Festival. WE have even done some fall painting at our special table. LynnMarie is doing well and repeating everything. She is beautiful, wonderful miracle! She loves to sing How Great is Our God and other pre-school songs. She does have her moments but I love them!! More pics coming I have missed blogging and sad that bloglines is closing in a few weeks!


Aly said...

Our girl is growing up so fast! She is an amazing little thing, isn't she? So glad that she got wonderful, fun parents like you two! She is blessed to have you as parents, and i am blessed to call you friends!
Love you!

Duchess of Lanier said...

Happy to see your fall update! For a while I was a once-a-month-er, too. It means you're busy enjoying all you can squeeze into a day. She looks fabulously happy, and with your sweet posts and cherishing every minute of her, how can she not be joyous?!
Cheers to all the holidays and making more memories!