Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yep, another one of those posts

I still cant believe that we had no idea about sweet LynnMarie 2 years ago. We had no idea she would be in our world a month later. I cant believe I struggled with our wait. My girl has my heart and sometimes my happy tears. She is perfect. She is a visual representation of God's love. I cant believe it. I still cant believe I get to be her mom and Michael is her dad. She has done soooo much to us, all for the better.

I waited for what seemed forever only to realize that God was using that time to get me ready for this next season. And He will use this time to get us ready for whatever comes next. This AMAZING girl is making everyone smile, including her speech and physical therapists. Even her new orthopedist comments on how well she is doing.

I try not to think of her birthmother, because it makes me sad but i have to remember its part of her story. HER story. A part I have no control over. But I love the fact that we are a part of her story.
Have you gotten to meet her? Have you seen her run?

Oh I want you too. I want her to give you a big hug and some knuckle bumps.

I want you to hear her sweet voice when she sings "How Great is Our God" at bedtime and when she is in a mood and says No god tonight.
I want you to see her play with her stickers and then look at us with stickers on both her arms.
I want you see to her run out of the car to the scarecrows in the front yard and hear her say
"Hey scarecrow, How you"?
I want you to see her get her dinner and say "HOT" and then blow on her food.
I want you to see her fold her hands in prayer and makes sure daddy has his hands ready too.
I want you to see her watch Mickey Mouse Club and hear her tell me someone is sad on the show
As her mom, I cant love her anymore. Have you seen her lately? Her sweet details? Her sweet fingers and nose eyes?

This precious peanut is more than I could have imagined or hoped for. I want her to be happy, to feel loved and above all, know that there is a God who loves her far more than we do. I cant wait for Christmas this year!

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Jeff said...

That's very sweet, Amy. I'm so glad that you guys have been blessed by such a darling little girl who will always know just how special she is and how much y'all have done to ensure her happiness.