Wednesday, August 24, 2011

lunch with a very special friend

The beginning of Aug brought a very very special friend! You see Miss Alicia has know about our sweet LynnMarie way before we did. She has followed her story since she was a newborn. Alicia prayed for her, her future family and her needs . I love love love that God has had her prayed for all over the world since the beginning. I cant think of her story and not cry because it has been so obvious that He carefully held her in His hands while she waited for her family. We have been able to visit this sweet friend a few times since we came home from China!!!! We were thankful for another opportunity to meet, this time at the Marietta diner!! Oh and Miss Alicia has China beauties as well!!!

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Alycia said...

i had a great time, and great food with you all at the Marietta Diner!
LM is SUCH a sweetie. It is SO awesome to know her now, as i have prayed for her for so long. You all bless my heart!

Love you,