Thursday, August 24, 2006

First Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Amy and Michael

1…. We have been married almost 5 years

2.This is the first time I have done a Thursday thirteen but I think the idea is very cool

3.We have been thinking about adoption on and off for a few years.

4. We have lots to do to get our house ready for the home study

5. The whole idea scares the heck out of me but at the same time is exciting as anything

6.I can not wait to have a blog that says we are in China

7. When I am at work, I read peoples blogs and love to read stories of adoption

8.Although we have not talked about it, there are names I really like

9. I am scared half to death of the flight to China

10. I actually like to answer peoples questions regarding adoption, although I dont have all the answers

11. I think Michael will be rockin dad

12. I want to take my kids to Disney World for vacation

13. I cant wait to have the sound of children in my home
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Happy Mama to Three said...

As an infertility patient who has long long long been a member of various inf newsgroups. There are quite a few wonderful newsgroups for international adoption. You might find them helpful and uplifting if you ever feel the need.

GOOD LUCK in your SEARCH for the children that will complete your family.

amy said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement... There are many reasons why we are going down the path of adoption..Thanks for stopping by

Christine said...

I think adoption is a wonderful thing to help a child in need of a family full of God's love. Any child, no matter what race, they are all children in God's eyes.
Welcome to T13! You did a great job on your 1st! Looking forward to hearing of your journey to China.
Good Luck, and enjoy your Friday!

Mandy said...

You did it!!! Good job! :) :) :)
Welcome to the addictive world of Thursday's really the only thing I do anymore. I forget to blog on other days! LOL

Shandra said...

Welcome to the TT world. Good luck on the adoption. We are waiting on our baby girl from China.

Sadie said...

It's my first TT too! Best of luck with your adoption journey... My TT is here: Sadie