Thursday, August 17, 2006

Whats going on?

Whats going on with the Christopher family? Well, I learned how to add links to this site. It was not as easy as I expected but I figured it out.

My coworkers love me. When they assigned patients Wednesday night,they gave me a lovely 17yo post op patient. The reason they gave me this patient was that his parents recently got back from China after adopting baby Gracie. How sweet was she! Unfortunately, by the time I got back from my meeting, the patient had fallen asleep and I was unable to talk with them. I was quite disapointed..I am sure another one of those moments will come again.

We are heading to Florida for a few days. We have started cleaning and organizing the house, a little bit. Michael finished painting the bathroom upstairs and it just needs some touch ups. Some friends have given me ideas to help with that, but it is a bit overwhelming. We have gotten a fire extinguisher. We should have one anyway, but we are sure the homestudy people will want to see it. Thats about it.
I have totally enjoyed answering questions..I told someone we were adopting from China and there answer was 'Is that legal'? That was kind of funny. I am sure we will have more questions like that but that was great. More details to come as we set our orientation date and wait to get approved.. Thanks for all the kind emails.

Amy and Michael


Jeff said...

Heh. "Is that legal?"

Who knew, Amy and Michael are going to be fugitives from justice for bringing a kid from Red China! He/she could subert the entire capitalism system!

amy said...

quit using the big words like subert? I gotta go find Webster..thanks a lot!

Shandra said...

Don't stress over the homestudy. I am a Social Worker who does IA homestudies. We don't look for lint behind the dryer, I promise! You can visit my blog and ask me questions if you want. I am in TX but the laws are close to the same from state to state.

amy said...

Thanks for the encouragement but I do know we have a lot to do to our home