Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday 13

Thirteen names I have loved for little girls since I was a little girl!1!
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1. Madison
Unfortunately, most of these are trendy and Michael and I are not into that many trendy names. That being said, these are names I like. This list should predict our future daughters name on it..Mind you, I wanted twins named Jackson and Madison for 10 years and thought I was the first one to come up with that. I was wrong..All of America had the same idea!

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Mandy said...

You did good! :) Make sure you preview it before posting so you can whether we can read it or not. The header is hard to read what the 13 are about. I like a lot of those names...obviously Sara (but add an h) and Emma is similar to Emily... *grin*

amy said...

I noticed that, then tried again and it stil didnt work..will work on it again..that widget thing????i can not figure it out!!!!

Karen said...

Hey Amy! We have a mutual friend in Mandy!!! Her and I went to FBA together before we both got married and had kids! :) I horribly miss her. So, you are in Kennesaw...we are in Suwanee! It's so nice to meet you!! And yes, welcome to Thursday Thirteens!!!
Those are great names...that's the names I never share though...I only have 2 girl names picked out and I won't share them for fear of someone stealing them. :) ha...I am so weird like that.
Nice to meet you!
Thanks for visiting my TT!

amy said...

More than likely we wont use a common favorite names are Elizabeth Joy or Sara Delaney or sara kelly or elizabeth hope

shhhhh dont tell michae

amy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sadie said...

You were just ahead of your time! Thanks for visiting my TT...

BecK said...

oh I love Annie or Anna!
Never actually thought of names before...

Good list and Good luck with the adoption process!

Suzy said...

Emma is my fave and of course Madison, but all of America has discovered that one too! Like the other commenter, I would never share a name I liked with anyone ever again....someone stole the last one I had picked and I was heartbroken. Sissy, (my daughters nick name) is VERY happy with her name's an unusual name and NO BODY else has it. She gets compliments on it all the time now....hehehe! (email me if you want the name...I don't share my kids 'real' names on the net...LOL)

Emma is my grandma's middle name and I had so hoped to have another little girl to name Emma, after her. But alas, that wasn't to be the case....

Thanks for stopping by my TT and I think you did a great job with your list! Keep up the good work...and I'm wishing you well on any upcoming adoption that you will be blessed with! =)

Sorry for the book!!

Mandy said...

Wwoooohooooo!!!!! You did's good! The autolinkies is there and all...and Karen, well..she's very cool! :)

LuluBunny said...

I think all these names are very cute, but I especially love numbers 7 and 8.

Number 13 happens to be my real name (I was named after a g-grandmother) - but now I go by Kayt.

Anyway, loved the post, and thanks for stopping by at my TT :)

amy said...

COMMENT JUST IN! Michael has said that only 3 need to be deleted..mackenzie, carson and annie..I actually meant to write anna so we will see what happens!

Christine said...

I love this spelling of Rebekah.
Thanks for visiting my blog.