Monday, September 11, 2006

Updates or not

Still not much going on. Sending the application out before we leave on the trip and will hopefully be accepted and then get an orientation date. Michael was motivated to start with the major house cleaning tonight and I am so proud of him. If you guys know of anyone who is adopting or planning on it, please send me their emails or website links.

I wish I had more to tell you.



Lori Raches said...

How's it coming? :O)

Mandy said...

Go check out this blog...she graduated from Union...and her T13 is great!

andria said...

My friend adopted from China last August and although it was a long process, they were so blessed in the end.

Sally said...


You visited my T13 site, so I visited yours and saw you're in the adoption process. I, too, am an adoptive mom, and just want to give you some encouragement!

Although we adopted domestically instead of internationally, I think there are a lot of the same issues we'll deal with.

The process stinks, but the end definitely justifies the means!

We're gearing up to start the process again for #2.

One book I really enjoyed was called "The Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mom". I got it on Amazon.

That's neat that you have a support group. That is one thing that has really helped us.

Don't you just LOVE the comments that you get? Could people be more insensitive? Or maybe they're just ignorant. Either way, it gets old!

Keep in touch if you want to. Good Luck!

Sally (