Friday, November 03, 2006

Last night

Its official. I am overwhelmed. Don't hate me. I told you guys this would be an honest look at this process.

Yesterday, Michael and I got our police reports. Mine took 5 minutes to print out, Michaels almost 15. Not to worry, both of ours said NO RECORD FOUND.
Then we came home and worked on the white room which will be the baby's room. This room has been full of boxes the past 2 years. I would say we are almost halfway done..Yeah that Lucy went to doggy day care..That helped.

Then we traveled to Starbucks for our first visit with the social worker. I must admit, Starbucks is a nice place to sit and chat..I had a pumpkin spice latte and Michael had coffee. No details here, but we had a nice visit with the assigned social worked and got way more detailed than I expected. Michael loved this visit. It was healthy but it opened our eyes to a lot of things. She gave us suggestions on resources we can be reading while we wait, and suggestions on how to communicate better. I left stressed, but then again, personal issues stress me out..I feel much better today.
I have a nasty cold which is making me tired and yet I have so much that I want to do! Nothing to stressful, I just want to stay busy.

Lets see what is stressing me out?????
1.Organizing the house- I am aware it doesn't have to be perfect. The fact that we don't have children, is actually a plus here. We aren't required to have the safety things in place just yet..But this is the biggest one.

2. My work schedule and Michaels. I am worried about this because with me working night shift, we don't have the time to talk and go over things, like other couples. This has been on my mind for a while

3.paperwork. As careful as I may be, I am afraid I will send the wrong thing somewhere or forget to sign something

4.Not getting things done on time. I am extremely laid back, but when I want to focus on something, I want to focus.

Thats that..Nothing negative, just worries which are natural..
More updates coming. Check out the name votes..Its getting close...


Matt said...

I hope the exercise of writing down the things that are stressing you helped. I always find that making a list somehow eases the pressure because I no longer have to try and keep it all in my head. Thanks for sharing your experiences in this way. Best wishes.

Amy said...

Ok. Breathe in and breathe out. One thing at a time or you will go NUTS!
I have heard a SW say that she would fail a family if they had exposed wires hanging from their ceilings, which I'm sure you don't. As long as you are both in this 100% you are good to go. Relax. You're going to do fine.

Janene said...

Still have a strong dislike towards Blogger ~ I'm still not able to post using my Blogger display name! ARGH!

I think it's wonderful that you are writing all of this down and keeping a somewhat detailed list of what's going on...because when you have your precious little one and paperwork is a distant can look back on this all and smile knowing that you did what every good parent does, you worried. :)

Everything will work out. That's actually from one of my favorite movies that I always forget to list as one of my favorites, "Shakespeare in Love."

"Everything will work out,"

"But how will it?"

"No one's a mystery."

But it will work out! You'll see! It will be wonderful!

Debby said...

Ohhhhh...I've been there! We adopted our little girl from Russia 3 1/2 years ago. It was literally a nightmare! It was worth it though! It helped us to hear other families stories, so if you are interested check out the blog that we kept during that time at
A lot of problems, specifically health problems, we left out. In the end though after being told all sorts of horrible things about her health she ended up being completely healthy. Go figure. I wish you nothing but luck in your journey and I will keep following along. It's a very hard journey, but the end result makes it all disappear.

Mommy Spice said...

It took us a whole year to get our Dossier done. We were both working full time (ministry and teaching). We just couldn't hurry or we would get totally overwhelmed. I joke that if I can get through the paper work, anyone can. My husband just did what I told him to when he needed a letter or fingerprints... I did the majority of the well worth it in the end. We had our 3 year Gotcha Day yesterday. Come on over and see our pictures.

Panda-Mom said...

It's's's OK! Somehow all that crazy overwhelming paper work falls into place at the time you need it to be ready. It IS very stressful, but just ask the Lord to give you the peace that passes understanding. Pray for your little one waiting for you and remember that nothing is going to stop you from bringing her home. She is YOUR daughter. She needs you to be strong. All this is said from experience. I am sooo gonna have fun following you to this baby. I know MommySpice and I are strangers to you, but we are fellow Believers and know what the Lord did in each of our own journeys. Hope these words help a bit. ; )