Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Last nights visit

So, would you like to know how it went? WE PASSED! She said she had no problems with us becoming parents and it would take her a few weeks to get her study together. That's ok, it will take a few weeks to get our paperwork together.

I got home at 9am yesterday and then I slept until noon. I got up and was quite motivated. Michael had already done a lot of work, but I spent 5 hours scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning our room, Making sure the downstairs looked clean and homey. Is that a word? Also, I just found the Swiffer? MY goodness, my I express my gratitude to the inventor. Its awesome! Lucy was over at doggie day care so I had freedom to do the whole house.

6pm Mary Poppins arrives. That's not her name, I just prefer to call her that. We say hello and take a tour of the house..I offer her a Coke Zero and we learn she likes this..Yippee! She likes the backyard and even the big green wall. This is good. The garage had been improved and she changed our water heater in hopes to save us some money. We will see. Saw the white room, which will be the baby room. The only safety issue she pointed out were the corners of the fireplace on the bottom..She recommended that we just soften the corners but we have time to do that!

After the walk around, we did our interviews. We had typed up our autobiographies and she went through those. I was up first and I really enjoyed it. She had given us a sheet with potential issues and we had to choose some to talk about. Most of it was parenting and adoption issues and how the public and friends and family will react. I loved this. Then it was MIchaels turn and I headed upstairs. I have no idea what they talked about, but he passed.

We ended the evening by saying she doesn't think we need another visit but that was up to me. We are meeting with a marriage counselor to talk and make sure we are ready. I am looking forward to this. Please don't think we are having issues. We are trying to prevent any issues from coming up.
Thanks for all of your prayers. This paperchase is crazy but I am loving it and I am looking forward to the long wait.

Amy and Michael


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! One step closer . . .
Amy Steelman

Kelly said...

You are getting closer to me getting a little niece :)
Congrats guys.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck and congrats!!! There is nothing as wonderful as having a child to raise, it's our gift to the universe.

Twisted Cinderella said...

How exciting to be one step closer!

Anonymous said...

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Janene said...

How AWESOME! Congrats to both of you! I bet it's a huge relief to have that over and done with...the bonus, you have a really clean and tidy house for the holidays! :)

Mommy Spice said...

Way to go!!! I commend you for all you're doing to be prepared. Don't you think all parents should go through this to become parents? I'ts amazing what and adoptive family has to go through. And may I just say, my world changed when I discovered Swiffers. I won't clean my floors any other way. Congratulations on passing!!

Amy said...

Yea! What a relief, huh?