Wednesday, January 09, 2008

more thoughts

My plan was not to post again until tomorrow but things thought I would drop a few lines down.

As you may have realized by reading this blog, this adoption journey has also been a spiritual journey for me. So many things can not be explained in typed words, but God's hand has touched many families. I have felt his presence, I have seen his work and I have heard is voice. In my almost 33 years of life, I have never experienced anything so awesome. I prayed for sooo many things and God has been faithful.

You never know what will happen. But I have seen His faithfulness in others to know that He does great things. Sometimes we face great disappointment. Sometimes things do not go the way you expect or hope for, but we must continue to believe that His plans are far greater than ours. Some of us have a long wait ahead of us. We dont know how long, its just not soon enough. I could choose to get depressed , frustrated, sad, angry (which would be my obvious first choice) or I can remember how good my God has been to me all my life and remain patient as we begin our family. Sometimes it feels like we were the last people logged in to the China system. I promise you, God will lead us guys. I have full faith in this by watching others journey and looking at how He has done all my life. For those of you who are believers, I challenge you to grab your Bible and turn to the Old Testament. So many people suffered, still persevered and gave God all the glory. Oh how I want to be like that!!!! Its hard. LynnMarie will be home at the right time!!!!! There is a reason for this wait and I want to be productive during this wait!

So many things are in my mind. Tymm and Laura have experienced loss that I can not comprehend. I have never been so moved by friends in all my life and for that I am grateful. I am serious when I say this adoption thing has given me greater emotions. I have never been one to share whats on my heart until now. My family can tell you that. Sometimes I love these emotions and sometimes I do not. My heart and mind are overwhelmed right now. I spent the morning studying 2 Samuel with my women's group and learned a lot about King David.
On another note, I spent the afternoon with my friend Sheridan and I experienced a joy and happiness that is just awesome. I experienced a 2 year old and for that I am thankful. It made my heart smile to hear him say my name. I saw curious people stare at him and just saw things in a new light. Kim, thanks for sharing your joy with me.

Blogging friends, you guys rock!

Family and other friends: Where are your quilt squares? No pressure! Really! hahaha!


Laura said...

Thank you, Amy, for your posts and your phone call. It means the world to us to know we have such amazing Christian friends who are lifting us and Brighton up to the Lord in prayer.

God is good and He is still on His throne!



Kim said...

Thanks for a wonderful day! Sheridan sang your name over and over on the way home. I think you made quite an impression.

The Straight's said...

Amazing thing this adoption ride is. So glad you are trying to stay positive. After the news today that must be tough. Sheridan does have a way to put a smile on anyone's face though.

Carol said...

I'm always think I have terrible problems until I witness someone else's suffering......and then I realize how blessed I am.

Amy you are a wonderful inspiration for everyone.

God Bless.................

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

We are heartbroken. Praying for our dear friends and for all the orphans of the world.

amy said...

I was just sharing my heart. I am nothing special. THanks for reading though

Christie said...

I am totally hearing ya...