Friday, January 11, 2008

Third Fridays

For those of you in South Atlanta, Third Fridays are starting soon. Head over the Ladmans for great info! I know you have read about the wonderful support you get from groups like this so I encourage you to go.Invite your friends as this is a wonderful experience for those thinking about adoption, waiting for their referrals or families who are already home!!!!
Keep praying for Tymm and Laura! One sweet little boy brought joy and smiles to soooo many people without ever meeting them. We grieve with you but are thankful for allowing us to be a part of your journey!


Walker said...

Hi Amy!
Just dropping by! Thank you for your sweet comments & visiting our blog!
Blessings To YOU!

Jeff and Michelle said...

Hi Amy, I wanted to comment on your post below. It is wonderful how positive and encouraging you are staying. When we started our adoption journey, we knew we wanted a waiting child. So, we signed up with an agency that gets large lists. We saw the traditional program slowing down at that time too. We ended up in a very unfortunate situation with a woman at our agency. She almost didn't allow us to remain in the waiting child program. At the time I felt it was so unfair. I thought about calling and writing letters, and talking to the president of the company, etc. Then I remembered that God is in charge. He will work through bad circumstances to bring us a child at the right time no matter who is in our path. I gave it all to Him, and to my surprise about 3 mos. later the same woman who was very unfair to us, sent us the referral of our wonderful daughter. Blessings to you as you stay on this path knowing God is in control and will unite you with your daughter at exactly the perfect time.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Just dropping in to say hello... hope that life is treating you well... take care