Tuesday, March 03, 2009

the countdown begins

We are leaving next Wednesday at 630am. We stop in Newark and then fly to Beijing. Thursday night will be my last night at work. Holy Cow, this is real. We are going to China and coming with a family member.

It will be a crazy week. Funniest moment so far was when I attempted to put the dust ruffle on the crib. Apparently it does not go on top of the mattress. I shall fix that tonight... Thanks to all who who will be praying her home. To sign up for a day to pray, click here and don't forget to email me at lovinglynnmarie@hotmail.com to get on her update list..We do plan on blogging in China, but you never know!

Ok here are some things

-LynnMarie is about 15-16 pounds. What size would you bring?
- Looking for a toy organizer for her room and downstairs, what do you recommend?
-need a book shelf, where would you look?
-Whats your favorite type of highchair?

Right now as you can see below, her room is yellow and her sheets are purple, pink and green. We have a framed panda pic to put up, hoping to get a shelf on the wall soon and have several panda things to put up. Any other creative ideas out there????


The Evans Family said...

WOW! You are getting closer and closer to holding your sweet angel!

Size? She will be very tiny---both Grace and Analiese were so much smaller than I expected. I would take 6-9 month and some larger 3-6 month sizes. Don't buy alot of one size until you get to see how the clothes fit! The good thing is that with diapers the pants will fit in the waist and you can always roll the legs!

I love the individual canvas squares for toy organization. I keep one downstairs to put toys into it. Each night the kids have to empty it and put their things away. It's easy to clean up the area and carry the bin upstairs. I have several of the heavy plastic stackable 3 drawer organizers in the playroom also (Walmart and they come in colors). Another great way to separate and store!

I saw a sweet bookcase at Target that was in the shape of a house--WAY CUTE!

Highchair? We chose one that was adjustable! That way it grew with the child and when they were ready you could take off the tray and just push the chair up to the table--instant big girl chair! The one we had also had 2 types of trays--a large one and a smaller one. I loved it--I think it was made by Graco!

Good luck, can't wait to read all about your journey!

Kiy said...

That's about what Emi weighed when we got her. She wore a bit of 6-9 mo and 9 mo (no 12 mo at all and nothing larger for months and months). The one thing that everyone told us is not to bring a lot for her to wear. I am glad I ignored that as we found extremely little (actually, nothing in Chongqing) in the little sizes. We also brought a lot of mix and match. Onsies and knit pants. The knit pants tended to stay up better on her, and could still be rolled up at the hem as needed. We did a lot of layers, something you will need now too, I am assuming. Emi wasn't walking, so just lots of socks for us.

We also use the canvas squares for toys. We found a really great one at Target for $5.99 (not the sale price). The come in great colors (we got mainly red to go with her room). We also have the shelves with plastic bins in the family room. But we really didn't need much of that right away. Just a few plastic containers for some things as we didn't want to overwhelm at first.

I too am still looking for a bookcase, so hope you get some more great ideas. ATM, we are keeping Emi's 'now' books in a plastic bin that she can get into herself.

We got our highchair at Target. It's yuck, so I won't suggest it. The one thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't sit Emi up very straight. Not a big deal when she was little but now, it drives us both nuts as she wears everything!

I am so excited for you guys! I can't wait to read about your adventures. The time will go by so fast, take lots and lots and lots of pictures. I thought we took so many, but looking at them now I keep saying I wish we had more.

Cheers, Kiy

Michelle said...

You are in the final stretch. I also agree about the fabric squares for toys. It is really easy to clean up at night. For the high chair, I just suggest looking for one with the extra tray tops so you can have one for breakfast and one for dinner when you are busy so you don't have to always have it washed right away. Good luck in this final week! Your life will never be the same and I know that as I approach a year together I wouldn't trade it for anything. Enjoy...

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

You are getting there!

We just use big baskets for toys and books in each room. In the playroom we have bookshelves from IKEA. Baskets are cheep at Old Time Pottery.

Highchair? I'd say don't get one. Go with a booster seat. That is all we ever got, and we love it. It is small and inexpensive. Maybe $30? We take it to other people's houses very easily, and it doesn't take up lots of room.

The Straight's said...

I think you should mainly take 9 months clothes and maybe a few 12 month smaller clothes. You are getting a peanut for sure.

Lynn said...


My Katie is a whopping 22lbs at 10 months she is now wearing 12 month sizes and still able to squeeze into some 9 month sleepers.

A lot of your clothing has height/weight on the labels. I have found almost all of these to be true to the size indicated.

I would stick with Carters 6 month. If you splurge on Gymboree clearance racks you will be able to get by with their 3-6 month sizes as they run large. I would just check tags for sizes.

As far as a book case I am still looking myself, I do love the one at Target too but don't want to spend that much, I'm hoping my hubby would make one, but I'm not holding my breath.

One thing I have, I just love is these rolling bins they have at Target. They are purple with pink handles and wheels. When the handles are flipped they stack. 2 fit perfectly under the crib and are hidden by the dust ruffle. I have them loaded with toys and pull one out for 3 or 4 days and then swap them. This way she can be interested in different toys all over again!

Have fun shopping... such a fun time!

Don and Be said...

Yo! Amy! Here's the guy's point of view:

Is LynnMarie going to care about toy organizers or bookshelves? Probably not. So don't stress, you have PLENTY of time once she's home.

Sizes?: What to bring? Ask an "expert" at a baby clothing store. Bring minimal outfits with you, and once you see how big/small Lynn Marie is, go from there. Stuff is cheaper in China for the most part.

High chair?: Since you're probably not bringing one with you, wait and see. We bought a $15.00 booster that straps to an existing chair and it's a beautiful thing! We unstrap it and take it with us when we eat out as we don't particularly care for those gnarly high chairs they have in fine eating establishments. Plus, there's the element of 'familiarity' for the child.

Lynn Marie is probably not going to go "Oohh, aahh" at the sight of her nursery when she gets home. If you have a crib and a place to sleep for her, you're covered. All the frillies can come later.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. We love you 3 - don't stress about the "stuff". Lynn Marie is the most important thing. Ask yourself: "Who am I? Mary or Martha"?
Your bro,

Don and Be said...

BTW - There's an IKEA in Atlanta. You may not have to go much further - go for lunch .....

Joanne said...

Oh, you are SO close :) Mia was 17 lbs., at 19 mos old and she fit good into 9 or 12 mos clothes; of course I was told she was over 18 lbs. before we left for China and was surprised she was that tiny! I think 6-9 mos size would be fine, but with sweaters & jackets you should go bigger (12mos). We didn't use a highchair with our two little ones (we did with our oldest), we used an adjustable feeding chair/booster seat and put it right on one of our kitchen table chairs, right up at the table! It worked great and we didn't have a highchair to wheel all over the place!

Briana's Mom said...

You are getting so close! It is so amazing! Briana was only 17 pounds when we went to China. She was wearing 6 to 9 month clothing. She was swimming in 12 month stuff! I am so excited for you!

Duncan Family said...

Oh WOW! How exciting! We received our daughter in May 2008 from southern Guangzhou. She weighed 15 lbs. We took 12-month clothing...but 9-month fit much better, especially pants. There are many shops on Shamian Island where you will stay to get extra clothes. Lots of Carter, Oshkosh, etc. ENJOY EVERY SECOND! Beijing was great...a great time to see all the Olympic deco. Hugs from TX!

Jonni said...

For the clothing, I would probably bring 6 and 9 mos. Our Sofia was 16lbs. when we got her and everything we brought was too big. Good luck.