Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sick Baby

We had our medical exam which is required by the Chinese Government before they will let her go this morning. It was comprised of three stations. The first station was height, weight and temperature. Baby girl is now 7.7 kg which is 16.94 pounds! The second station was a general physical exam and she did fine with that. The third station was an E-N-T exam ans this is where we expected trouble with her congestion which she has had since before we got to China. They were a little concerned about that but more so that she has a mild infection in her right ear. She has been tugging at that ear but we thought it was a habit thing. The clinic wrote and filled a prescription for amoxicillin and we started her on it this afternoon, so hopefully she'll turn around pretty quickly.

I have now made it over 24 hours without being sick and am about to go play the paerwork and fee-paying game again.



Dannye said...

so sorry to hear about LM being sick, hope she gets better soon (ear infections are no fun at all)....

Anonymous said...

awe poor baby, hope she gets better. Avoly had a virus last week. its not very fun taking care of sick babies.