Monday, March 23, 2009

More Pics From Michael's Camera

White Swan Hotel Play Room

Our First Chinese Dress. Aren't I Pretty?

White Swan Atrium

Jade Ship Carving

CCAI Travel Group 1463!

Babies On The Famous Red Couch

Mandatory Medical Exam. My Mom Had Studied The Pictures From Previous Days & Had Already Predicted LynnMarie Has An Ear Infection! Started Antibiotics Today.

Guangzhou Cultural Arts Museum

Woman Praying At Buddhist Temple

At The Temple of the 6 Banyon Trees


Eric and Tiffany said...

Love all of the pics. She is so adotable! Hope LynnMarie gets to feeling better soon.

Julie said...

She still looks pretty happy for a baby with an ear infection! :)

Glad everything went well, you are one more step toward bringing her HOME. Stay healthy ALL OF YOU!

Michelle said...

It looks like she is doing well, even with the ear infection. I laughed when I saw the Elmo table. Malia loved that when we were there a year ago because it was about the only toy that made noise. I hope you can all get healthy before the trip home.

The Straight's said...

Great posts with lots of pics just for me I'm sure ;) Ok now really who is the cutest baby on that couch?!?!

Kim said...

What a beauty. I bet you could just eat her up all day long! She is so adorable in the playroom pictures dressed in yellow with the bow in her hair!

Janelle said...

she is so precious and gorgeous! thanks for posting the great photos...I wish (and pray) good health for your family as you finish up your time and China and travel home to be a forever family!

Alyson and Ford said...

She is so adorable!! Beautiful!
You parents have been great bloggers, sharing your trip. Thank you!
Have a safe trip home!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Joan (Nana) said...

Hope Lynnmarie will be well soon. Enjoy this family time together and tks for sharing your journey

Kristy said...

I just love all of thes pictures, she is so already YOUR daughter!!!

Love, Kristy

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh she is so precious... I seem to be saying that alot but I love her happy little face... and those cheeks... when I get to meet her... can I pinch those little cheeks :)

Donna and Joe said...

Looking at your pics brings back a flood of memories from our trip in January. So many of your pics are in the same spots we were in.

Despite the ear infection LynnMarie seems to be doing so well. She looks like such a little sweetie! Enjoy every minute of your time on the island. I spent lots of great moments on the Starbucks patio getting to know my daughter...I miss it.

Donna :)

Keisha said...

Still.. ADORABLE!!

I love the picture of her with the nurse & she looks as if she wants her MOMMY!!! Doesn't that Melt your hear?!

Love it!

Debz said...

Beautiful pics awww she is so sweet!
Wow you got some really nice shots there Amy. Love the atrium one.
Looks like all is going well.
Enjoy the rest of your stay.

Natalie said...

I am so happy for your family. Hope sweet little LynnMarie feels better soon. Isn't it great to have such a darling little girl!

Kiy said...

Love the pics, hopw LM is feeling okay - yikes!

But, I just have to say ... the second picture just completely stole my breath away. Oh, too sweet, too darling. Our little gal loves her socks too (just not on her feet either).

Thanks for sharing, I have loved following your journey to LynnMarie.


Shelly and Family said...

OMG...she is adorable! I have been following you guys along since you arrived in Beijing and I bet you are so ready to come home and start you lives as a family of three! Exciting time...truly exciting times...

sarah said...

So sorry she has an ear infection. Our baby girl was not so well either when we were there.

LynnMarie is the cutest thing in yellow (with her yellow hair clippie)!! Beautiful baby girl!!

I'm loving all the photos. . . many familiar places (good memories). We were in that playroom a little over 6 months ago now...We also went to the Chen Family Temple.

Elizabeth said...

I've been lovin' the pics and updates. LynnMarie is beautiful!!!

Jeff said...

Obviously I'm quite fond of the one with LynnMarie playing on Eeyore!