Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Reviewing Name selections

What name do you like for our future daugter? Feel free to make suggestions
Margaret (to be called Meg or Maggie)
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Dixiechick said...

I have ALWAYS loved the name "Katherine Elizabeth". This was the name I had chosen for my daughter, but my ex didn't like it. We were going to call her "Katie Beth"... She got stuck with "Kaitlin"... which of course I like too...

Dixiechick said...

What about the name "Anna Grace"? I'm really partial to old fashion names... can't you tell? LOL

one big happy family said...

If you are looking for names my TT just happens to be about names in my family. Go ahead and check them out... if you don't find any that suit your fancy I have more but it is 13 thursday not 30 :) hehe
Good luck with your proccess. It will have a wonderful ending.

Matt and Kathy said...

Of course, I like the name Katherine :)

Judy said...

My two daughters are named Elizabeth and Rebekah (yes, spelled the same way... I think it's the prettiest way to spell it.) Elizabeth was always called Beth (now at work they call her Liz); Rebekah was always Bekah (and still is... never Becky). Rachel is the name of my niece (actually, Bekah was going to be Rachel until Sandye stole it ;-)) Whatever you choose to name her, I know she will be wonderfully loved.

Anonymous said...

Maggie Christopher . . . how adorable :)

Amy Steelman