Friday, July 13, 2007

First set of answers - by Michael

Amy and I met online. It was in the late Spring of 2000. She had just graduated from nursing school and had moved to Orlando to start working. I was living on Orlando and she emailed me based on my profile on an online matchmaking service that had a Christian sub-area.
We spoke on the phone and exchanged email for a few months finally going on a first date in mid-late August. Amy was looking for someone who knew orlando and could offer advice on churches/shopping/etc. So we did the first date and her thought was "Nice guy, could be a friend."
We got engaged the first week of November. I had planned to wait a bit longer, perhaps to January at our birthdays (we have the same birthday). As it was, I had a job where I traveled a lot and I had taken a weekend to party with Parrothead friends in Key West. I got home, did laundry, saw Amy and asked her that night, spur of the moment. The following morning she took me to the airport for another work trip and she told me yes.
We were engaged for 11 months, getting married in October, 2001.
As for Gymboree, I liked the nautical theme red/white/blue but it was the 1920's/1930's white sailor suit with the puffy marshmallow hat that I have no taste for.
As for the time to wait for China, that is simply a matter of beaurocracy. We have it here in the USA, and they have it in the People's Republic.


redmaryjanes said...

Wonderful answers!

Wendy said...

Awe how sweet! Thanks for answering!

Roy and Lori said...

Hey guys,
I really enjoyed reading the post
on how the two of you met! So sweet!

Sarah said...

My husband and I met through Yahoo personals in 1998 and married in 2001. :) You're not alone!