Tuesday, July 24, 2007


One of the things that I (Amy) most look forward to are starting family traditions. Vacations, holidays, etc.

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. From Thanksgiving until Christmas Day, I sooo love this time of the year. I cant wait until LynnMarie can experience that with us.

I cant wait to get up on Sunday morning, and go to church and then spend the day as a family.
I can not wait to get her ready for church.
I cant wait to take her to our First Friday group
I cant wait to get her ready for school.
I can not wait for her to see the magic of Christmas.
I can not wait to hear her say her first prayer
I can not wait to hear that first giggle turn into a belly laugh
I can not wait to see her on Grandpas boat!
I can not wait to see her on Michaels lap in the recliner reading a book!
There are more......
I can not wait to take LynnMarie on her first Disney Cruise! In case, you did not know, I LOVE THE DISNEY CRUISE and I am thrilled they are building 2 more ships!

Do you have any favorite traditions?

I can not believe how many blogs I am reading now. I love it and I am learning so much. If you are not on my blogroll, let me know so I can add you. I am really trying to find some June 07 LIDers!!


Alyson & Ford said...

Isn't it amazing how much we learn from others blogs (and Yahoo! groups)? It has allowed us to be very immersed in our daughter throughout the wait.

Great idea to list alll the ytraditions we look forward to doing with our new daughter... I'll get working on mine!

LID 01/27/06

Shelly & Family! said...

Hi Amy...wow you sure have a lot on your blog roll...how do you keep up with everyone lol? Anyway, I had so many of those same first with Francesca, and while they were so wonderful (and tearful...good ones), I must tell you, it is the little things that really melt my heart (especially since she had a wall built up around her from when she was placed in my arms, it took a long time for her to really take that wall down and trust us). I love hearing her sing in the car...I love hearing her say "Ma' every moring she wakes up...I love walking her to school two morning a week...I love traveling with her (we have been a lot of places already) and I love the look in her eyes now..she totally trusts us! There are so much more...but I would be here forever! I can't wait for your to experience all of it! (and have your so many firsts)

Seabolt said...

I just realized that you are one of our moderators for April LID 2007 yahoo group...I have been reading your blog for some time now - How neat is that!! :)

I look forward to many things with our daughter as well. For instance, her 1st trip to the ocean, pushing her on the swing set, seeing her get excited with each new experience... I just can't wait to have our little Matelyn/Matelin (haven't decided on spelling) girl with us...

Take care,
LID 4/17/2007 - you can add us to the blog roll if you like...

Doris & Dan said...

I learn so much from fellow bloggers.

I love the holiday tradition of buying an ornament to represent what that past year was about.

Keep smilin!

Kate said...

Your post is awesome! It's great to come up with traditions that are special to your family. Since my adopted daughter was born on my birthday, OUR birthday is such an event...praising God for choosing this angel just for us. Birthdays are much more fun now...especially when the focus is off of me getting older! hee hee

Melanie said...

Love your adoption blog and your other blog as well and have been frequenting both since I found you!

Ever since I was young I wanted to be a mom and have all of these wonderful traditions with my kids that my parents and family filled my life with. I'd like to say that my kids have that and I hope when they are older they will remember them all with a smile and even carry some on with their own children! Things like building a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick's Day, following big (baby powder) bunny footprints to their Easter baskets, many trips to Disney World, praying for friends and family and thanking God for all of our blessings, etc. I truly hope they can do that because that could make me happier than anything in the world.
We are HUGE Disney fans in this house (as you can see by my blog!) and Love the Disney Cruise as well!

Lynn said...

I am looking forward to seeing my son finally have the sibling he has wanted for so many years. To watch as he makes her belly laugh, as he proudly talkes he by the hand and holds her for the first time.

I am looking forward to the day we have her Baptised. I endured baby showers and friends pregancy but for some reason the baptisms have been the hardest. I can't even watch the first part of the Lion King... when they raise Simba up to the sky, without tears.

I am looking forward to having a daughter to share girl things. I am hoping that she will enjoy them as I do. Someone to craft, sew, bake and watch princess movies with...

Janet said...

Traditions? We have a zillion! ANd the kids just love 'em! Here are a few:
Reading stories together, going to church together, having "picnics" anywhere, going on holidays, singing in the car, playing play-doh, playing games on the floor, doing puzzles, going for hikes, I could go on FOREVER! LOL! You will LOVE LOVE LOVE, it, Amy! And I know LynnMarie will love it too!

Anonymous said...

I love the blogs too. I am a Feb 10, 07 LID so add me. If you want to. Our kids birthdays are our special event. It is just such a miracle how everyone of them came to us two thru adoption and 2 thru birth. We really celebrate them and of course thank God for them on their special day. I read your previous post and we went thru 2 yrs of infertililty it was tough. But it led us to Kaz and we adopted 2 at once. The journey is long and sometimes unknown but it is fun to look back and go "ahh that's why that happened." Now we are adopting from China and our on the list...hopefully getting shorter..but whatever happens it will lead us to our girl.

Kelli said...

I too look forward to starting traditions in my family when sprout comes home! Mine will be sunday dinners with friends...now sporadic, but with all of our little ones home, hopefully a little more regular!!!

Michelle & John said...

Hi Amy! I just saw our old blog listed under your March 07 LIDs. I would love it if you could add our new one! www.teamconley.blogspot.com, it is called Waitin' on Our Miracle!!! Hope you are both well! Blessings from Illinois

Christine said...

That all sounds like a lot of fun and sweet things to do.
You can add me to the Nov 06 spot - I'll add you if that's okay. - C

Tracey & Mike said...

It will be wonderful when you can share all of these traditions with your beautiful daughter.
Our 4 year old & I have a tradition of holding a Christmas tea party every year with my grandmother and my mother. Sadly, we lost my mother early this spring to cancer, but the tradition will carry on. My daughter has asked if my sister can join us at the table in place of grandma.

Dolores and Shawn said...

That's a great list. I can't wait to start traditions with our child either.

NorasMommy said...

I love Christmas too. It is without a doubt my favorite time of the year. Rob and I were even married at Christmas time - in Chicago, brrr. But it was lovely and warm and happy as Christmas always is.

Some of our traditions are going to the annual Lorie Line Christmas concert, making cherry pie on the Fourth of July, voting together after work and eating pizza while watching the election returns, going to the farmer's market on Saturday and family walks with the dog on Sat/Sun mornings. I think that anything you do together consistently as a family counts.

When I was little one of my favorite traditions was my brother's annual jack-o-lantern audition - he'd draw pages of faces, let me pick one and then he'd make it for me. I'd love to continue this tradition with Nora ... too bad my brother doesn't live closer because he's WAY more artistic than I am!

Melanie - that Leprechaun trap tradition is so cool! How do you make a Leprechaun trap? Can it be anything? I want to make one!


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

I am all for the very first tradition, I can't wait to finally bring her to church, our church family has been waiting a long time to see her little face.

Ps. You can add me to your blogs :O) I'm June '06 LID.
I'll add you also when I figure out how to use my new template ;O)
Blessings on your day.

Donna & Andrew said...

I too have a list of "traditions First NY Mets Game, the first St Patricks day parade in town, all the holiday traditions with our family and the list goes on forever. I'm just hoping that our wait doesn't go on forever.

Mommy Spice said...

It will happen!!

Let's see, besides those wonderful things, I love Gotcha Day. Every year we let Spicy Girl plan the day, and it is a day with just Mommy and Daddy. We love it!! Also loved seeing her experience her first "theme park" rides.

Michaela said...

Aren't the Disney cruises awesome? We, too, look forward to taking our daughter on a Disney cruise and to WDW. One of our family traditions is having Thanksgiving dinner at the Brown Derby restaurant in MGM. Come to think of it, a lot of our family traditions involve WDW. We can't wait to experience it all with our daughter.
Orlando, FL
LID: 05/24/2006

Tracy said...

Very sweet post. We are going to Disney World in October and I CANNOT wait to see Hannah's reaction to such a magical place. :)

Jeff and Michelle said...

You have soooo much to look forward to. We have many traditions here. One we do every July is Blueberry picking at a nearby blueberry farm. We love it, and look forward to it every year. We usually eat half of them on the way home, they are so good!

LaLa said...

We love the Sat morning snuggle. We have started a lot of traditions and carried on some from our childhoods. One of my favs is getting to open two gifts on Christmas Eve..new PJs and a Christmas ornament. We always got one that was representative of who we were or what we loved at that time. It was great looking back each year at the tree and remembering. Yep, Annslee got a Barney ornament last year..this year, looking like some kind of Zoo theme : )

I also remember when we were waiting for our referral I would sit in my chair and could almost feel her in my arms..now she really is..your daughter will be too !!

Kristy said...

Gosh, your one precious girl !

This is one adoption journey that I am SO excited to follow!!
I loved this post on traditions; those things that our babies will remember when they grow up and have families of their own.
All those moments to share together.......and how precious it will be to peek in on those moments when you share them with us on your blog !! (which will be soon, very soon Amy !!)

Jill and Jaap said...

Great traditions you have listed!

Lisa said...

We have many traditions in our family and I can't wait for Diana to be a part of them....my favorite is seeing the kids faces light up as they enter the familyroom on Christmas day. Oh yeah and my other one that started with just dh and I is going apple picking every fall!