Thursday, October 30, 2008

and the waiting continues

Let's be honest. I do want the waiting to be over but the again this waiting thing has been happening for over 18 months, I am comfortable with it. Isn't that sad? All I know is waiting.

I was talking to Donna yesterday. I am scared to death of that referral call. Seriously, I have no idea what we are going to do after the call. Really. No Idea. I am very glad LynnMarie has a name and a crib/bed. After that, I think I will be numb. Now I know we will be making phone calls but then what? Get the room finished? Buy clothes? Plan the China trip? Think about schools? babyproof the house? start a college fund? My brain is moving so fast right now that I have no idea. We are going to see that pic and get info that will change our lives forever. I love her already but I know that once we get that referral, my heart will start beating differently.

No, we have no idea when we are getting our referral, these are just thoughts going on in my head. I do know the first thing we will be doing is praying for for. Got that part covered. Blogging friends, you guys have taught me so much from your experiences, I am just totally confused at the moment.

Ya know, when you dream of your baby when you started this process, I started dreaming of her room.I had lots of ideas and wanted to start planning but we didn't. Now, I am beginning to realize if we wait until referral, we will not have much time at all which means we need to come up with something soon. OH I wish I were creative. We have to make a decision. I am hoping we do a "garden" theme so we can include all the ladybug stuff we have been given. I just don't want a total ladybug room or an all pink room.. Any and all ideas are welcome!!!!!

Holy cow, this is intimidating but I would not change these feelings for anything in the world


sara said...

Anything striped or polka dotted would go great with all your lady bugs! And then you can always add flowers!! :)

Amy, I totally understand your thoughts as you are waiting. Who really knows what to do?? I have a lot of the same feelings! What's next?

I rest in knowing that we have a God who is sovereign & who answers our prayers! They do not fall on deaf ears!

Briana's Mom said...

Once you get referral, you go into overdrive. You just start doing all the things you need to do - finish packing, buying last minute baby items, baby proofing, etc. You don't have time to think - you just go!!!

Donna said...

No matter how long your wait and how much you get done, it will be hectic once you get that call!

I'm sure you're looking forward to that chaotic time though!

Cristy said...

Let's get you that crib set up, pick a theme, and then you can paint in a weekend, and baby proof another weekend, shop for the trip and be ready to GO!!!!

We will help, we'd love to!

Just enjoy the sheer BLISS of having a daughter, and seeing her face. ALl the rest will work itself out...

Can't wait!!!!!

sarah said...

I also believe no matter how long your wait / how much you get done, it's always hectic after you get the call (travel arrangements, more paperwork, getting travel funds, packing). . . just take it as it comes!

I was one that believed the most important part was getting her home and any room stuff would get done in time (it's worked for us anyway!).

It's all so incredibly exciting!

Daddy Forever said...

Sorry for your long wait, but she will be worth it. I would go crazy with all that waiting and my wife would be even worst.