Saturday, October 18, 2008

the fostering of Autumn

Warning; this is an odd post so do not assume I am crazy..Just some odd thoughts

So last Sunday, we decided to look at basset hounds.

For the last couple of weeks, we had been talking about getting another dog. Michael suggested fostering. I was not keen on the idea. I wanted a permanent friend. His rationale was lets go get a dog who needs some extra special attention because for whatever reason they were in a kennel and not a home.

I wanted a Basset. I wanted a young, healthy one that had been fostering home. This is what I wanted. I wanted to pick her out and I wanted things our way.But sometimes you dont get to pick out your family member.

Here is how it happened. We get there and the rescue group decides we should foster the dog that has been in the kennel the longest. So we did not get to pick. The group decided what dog we should have and brought her out to meet us.
Ok, I am so glad I did not get my way. Miss Autumn is one heck of an awesome dog. With Lucy she was always crated when we were asleep or away. Autumn has had very little crate time. I am looking forward to taking her to Fl with us next time!

I am shocked at how good this dog is.

So, does this story sound familiar? Not that I am comparing my dog to our China adoption but I have to say that this proves that not everything I want is what is best for us.

She makes a really good fit in the Christopher house!


redmaryjanes said...

Adopt the dog :)

Dawn S. said...

Here's the thing...there ARE some similarities. First of all we have always adopted dogs who were in foster homes or shelters. Second, and this is the part that you are going to think that I am crazy - we have two dogs and our border collie mix is an angel and obeys everything. Our coonhound is naughty, naughty, naughty. I feel like God can use a situation like this to prepare us for parenthood -how you have to respond differently with each dog AND with kids because they have different needs, respond differently to things, etc. SO I don't think you are crazy. Do you think I am? :)

LaLa said...

What a cute pup...just keep her already!!

Doreen said...

Autumn is a keeper!!! and she has a great smile too!

Doreen in Montreal single mom to Faith=Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan


Congratulations on the new dog!!!!
Sometimes it is surprising how life happens to us while we are making other plans. Hmmm...I wonder who is behind that ;-)
Enjoy the new pooch!!

Meghan said...

Yes, keep her:) I am "tagging" you- see my blog for details:)

Michelle said...

Does this mean you are keeping her? Because that would be so wonderful, both for Autumn(lucky dog) and you!

Maybe we should open our home to foster care. We simply can't seem to move past the pain and choose another dog. It's been 15 months!

Margaret Miracle said...

Autumn is so cute. Adopt her!!!

Don and Be said...

You're right. There are similarities - I have thought for a long time that having Diva helped initially prepare us for parenthood. Dawn said it first but I never blogged it for fear of the "Adoptionistas" who might be offended. The wait does strange things to people and reading how behaviors of kids and dogs are similar can bring them over the top.

Pam and Jeff said...

Congrats!!! She is tooooo cute. I with RMJ-adopt the baby.
Yes. We signed up on the yahoo group. I signed up the night before we left for our cruise. I will introduce myself sometime this week.

Maureen said...

We adopted 2 dogs from shelters...both are gone now, but they were the best dogs in the world. One was sweet as sugar, and the other was just rotten! A naughty girl, but we loved her.

I know that dog adoption and child adoption are different. But let me tell you, as someone who has experienced both types of adoption, the getting-to-know-you period is very similar! OK, so dogs seem to bond as soon as they realize the food comes from you, and it takes a little more for the kids, but it's similar. I think adopting dogs actually made my husband think more about being a father.

I hope you adopt Autumn, because she looks like a sweetie! And I bet she will help you get through the wait. If not Autumn, definitely give a dog a try.