Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Item Off The Checklist

This morning Amy and I went to meet a potential pediatrician for Princess LynnMarie. This doctor was recommended by friends who also have children adopted from China and his office is minutes from our house.

He is very confident that her health is good based on the pictures, video, and reports we have received. He compared the data on her weight, height and head measurements over the time we have reports and she is perfectly on course for physical development.

We are going to give him first shot at her care despite his name. Jokingly, I noticed his first and middle names are William and Robert, and he told us he grew up in south Georgia. Based on that, he's Dr. Billy Bob!

On a more serious note, please join me in prayer. I am spending time tonight painting LynnMarie's room. I am praying that it provides the warmth and the shelter and protection she will need as she grows up. Also, I wrote a post about my day and how positive it was in other ways over at Please visit and comment if you like.



Briana's Mom said...

Yay! Briana's pediatrician is a William Robert too, and I thought the same thing - Billy Bob - LOL! I wonder if it is the same Dr.???

Kristy said...

We have a friend name Billy Bob! How funny is that! And their son is Charlie Bob!! poor kid!