Tuesday, February 24, 2009

praying her home

Michael spent time on the phone today and got our tickets booked and I got it approved with our agency. We are going to China!!!

So here is the plan

Leaving on March 11th very early in morning flying into Newark
Leaving Newark and heading to Beijing

March 27th we leave Guangzhou and head to Los Angelas. We will stay overnight and head straight to Atlanta that evening. We have most of the day to hang out in LA!!!

So, we are going to need some prayer and we are asking not only that you pray for us during our entire trip but will you pick a day from the 11th -27 and just really pray for us??? From safety to silly issues that may come up to attachment with lynnMarie, we will need your prayer!!!!

Just leave the day you want to claim in the comment section and I will post them. We can totally use as many people to lift us up daily so its okay if more than 1 sigh up!!


Amy said...

Hi Amy! Let's pray for one another!! So excited to meet you in a few short weeks and go get our kiddos!

~Amy in FL

Michelle said...

I would like to choose your departure day, March 11th because when I went to China I missed my flight because I showed up at the wrong time and I think I could have used someone praying for me then :)

So please make my prayer day March 11th.

This is so exciting!!

Jay, Angela, and Laney said...

We are happy to pray for you! Put us down for March 11th. We'll be praying for safe, on-time travel. So happy for you!!

:-)Angela, Jay, and Laney

Briana's Mom said...

I am so excited for you! I'll be praying each day! I'll pray for a safe journey home on the 27th!

Anonymous said...

I'm in...and I want the 14th. B/c it's a Saturday and I have nothing planned so I can dedicate it to praying for y'all....and b/c that'll be day 3 in China and don't you get her after spending 48 hours there? (someone said something about having to be in country 48 hours before you can have her...or something to that effect????)

Anyway - I want the 14th...I'm praying everyday though and am so beyond excited that I don't know how you can be more excited than I am. Takes my breath away. Seriously - how do you breathe? Cuz I'm so excited I can't hardly breathe. Truly Truly excited for you!!!!!
And...I can't wait to meet her. I wasn't planning to come home but I'm gonna have to just so I can meet Miss LynnMarie. Oh gosh. Too excited.

Have you counted how many times I said "excited"?


Anonymous said...

Hey Amy!

I will concentrate on March 16th. No reason...just popped into my head. We are so happy for you and may make a trip when your family comes to meet your angel! I will also pray whenever I think about it during the trip. Happy travels :D


and Daniel, Addison, and Evan

Jenny said...

I'll take the 17th for Michael. ;-) LynnMarie has to know something of her Irish heritage, too. LOL!

(Gosh, I hope I got that right or I am going to be quite embarrassed...)

Amy said...

Hi Amy! I will take the 14th also because that's when our little girls moved in and we became a family!

But please know that I think and pray for you guys daily. You're never far from my mind because I know how exciting this is for you. After all these years it IS happening!

Hugs, Amy

Lovell & JW said...

We want 3/19 because it is Anna Ward's birthday...so thankful to have her home for her 2nd birthday. Cannot wait to follow your trip and pray every day. Lovel and family

Katherine said...

You definitely have my prayers-this IS way exciting!! It is so crazy we are going to be in China at the same time!!

I will chose the 27th because it is my birthday and when you will be leaving, but will be praying for you throughout the process.

This is such an awesome thing you are doing, and I truly hope I get the chance someday to the same!!

Great chatting with you-maybe we can connect while we are there!! I know you will be so thrilled to bring sweet LynnMarie home!! :)


Christine said...

Hey there. I'm kind of a fan of old Roman history (or any history for that matter) so I'll take the Ides of March -March 15th. I'm not superstitious, but it will be easy for me to remember to pray all things to be in your favor that day (and every other day of course!!)

Mandy said...

I would love to take the 13th. you will have gotten there by then and will be settling in. I know you will be nervous and excited at that point because you will be getting her the next day.

I'm so excited!!!!

Heather said...

praying BIG time!

Melissa said...

I will pray for you on the 21st. That is our gotcha day for Tanner, our first son adopted from China. That is a very special day for us. I will also be praying for you everyday.
Melissa Loudermilk

Alyson and Ford said...

I'll put you in our prayers on March 18th as it is one of our granddaughters birthday! We will be so happy for you! Enjoy your trip.
You are on my prayer calendar.

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Pam and Jeff said...

We will take the 21st in honor of my sister's 40th birthday!!

awaitingmissemily said...

I'm in too!! I will pray on the 17th - St. Patrick's Day.

Allie Caroline said...

Hey Amy! I will be praying for you lots, but I will "claim" March 12. I am so excited for you and Michael AND little LynnMarie!

The Princess's Mommy said...


I will choose March 26 because that's my birthday and the day you will be getting things ready to head home.

Please pray for our friends, Tim and Tina. They left Atlanta this morning to bring their son, Reed, home!


redmaryjanes said...

Amy, I will pray every day. Every day my friend.

Kristy said...

Amy you can count on it SISTER!!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Laura and Erik said...

We will pray for the three of you on March 20. We will pray for bonding and safe travels as well as your health. Enjoy the journey!