Friday, February 27, 2009

question and prayer

In less than 2 weeks, we will be in China with about 7 other families. Some of us are getting our first child, a few of them will be a bit more experienced.Wow, I cant believe this is happening. Am I freaking out? Well, I am not sure. I just know that a little girls life is going change forever and we are blessed to be a part of it.

1) Don't forget the post below asking for prayers

2) need help. Click on this site. this is something I want on one of the walls in LynnMarie's room. So I need your help in deciding what I should have on it. Her walls are yellow if that helps. Click on baby rooms on the site for suggestions.Let me clarify. I dont need any of the ones with decorations, I just want a saying or a few words or lyrics above her crib. Her room is yellow and will have pandas and a few other animals sprinkled around!!!!


AlyAbox said...

Hi Sweet friend!

We are so excited for you! We want to take a day and pray for you. What day will you be getting LynnMarie? We would like to have the day after you get her. That was a bit of a tough one for us with Sophia.
Also, about the room designs... I love all the ladybugs! The flowers are wonderful too! I can't wait to see what you end up doing!
Did I tell you that we will be in GA in mid-April. Maybe we can meet up? We'll be on a college hunting road trip.
Thinking of you, and praying for you too!
Say a little pray for me, as I recover from the flu.

Kiy said...

I am *so* excited for you guys! As for the room designs, the flower garden looks amazing, but that would mean more painting (the green) and a lot of work putting on all the decals. Did you see the new ladybug one they have, that looked darling. We did the decal thing in Emi's room. I don't think I posted it on the blog yet (time gets away!). But I will dig up a picture and email it to you.

Cheers and tons of hugs!


Anonymous said...

Create your own that says "When Love Takes You In."

Brandi said...

I like Anonymous' idea of creating your own.

I also like "Always kiss me goodnight" and "Capture your baby with words"

I'm sure whatever you choose will look fantastic!

redmaryjanes said...

The second one down with the flowers is perfect, it will match your yellow.

Michael said...

I like the 12 gifts from Heaven. I also like adding the When Love takes you in as well into your room.


Leslie said...

This is my first time to you blog..Just wanted to wish you many blessings on your new family to be!!! Adoption is a BEAUTIFUL thing!!!!

We adopted our daughter Abby from Guatemala in Nov 2006 and she has made life just AMAZING for us!!!

Adoption rocks!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

So excited for you! We'd love to take a day to pray. Gotta get our gift to you as well.

Dan and Liz said...

Hey Amy
Our good friends the O'Brien's are leaving on the 11th to get their second child- a boy - I will try to send you their blog- this is Michelle's best friend Cailian's parents. Cai and Michelle were cradle buddies and the adopted on the same day. they are super parents
and are adopting a little boy who is 2 years old. So excited for you
Keep in touch
Michelle loved her thank you note

Anonymous said...

I think you should make your own that says:

a dream fulfilled,
a prayer answered,
a family created...

or something like that, anyway. Whatever you write will be precious. I like that idea of When love takes you in... or maybe you could put something like... We carried you home. That seems to be a central adoption theme. Love you guys :D Good Luck! We will be praying for you.....


Robyn said...

They had some of those sticky things at Micheal's Arts and Crafts not too long ago. i don't if they still do or not, but that might be an option too.