Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Stuff For LynnMarie

This is an afghan made for LynnMarie by our trivia team member Charlie's mom. She joined us tonight as we also celebrated Charlie's 37th birthday!

Amy registered for and we received a rocking Panda. It is, literally, a rocking horse with a panda head!

Today Amy found a dresser that we can put a changing pad on along with a chest of drawers at Goodwill for $85. Her friend Elizabeth brought out her 5 and 1 year olds in their truck to help bring it home for us!


Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Love the new things! Isn't it amazing ow kind and generous people are? We were blown away with it, and I hope you have been too!

redmaryjanes said...

I love Good Will! I go there all the time.
Wow you guys, it looks like everything is coming exciting!

Janelle said...

we purchased a similar dresser for Chloe (secondhand, also) and it worked great. now that the changing pad is long gone, we have it full of other stuff. the afghan looks ever so warm, we have something similar and still use it as a throw.

I want to be on your prayer partner list/blog/follow to China, etc.

trina said...

I just saw your blog on the CCAI group. So exciting!!! I'm very happy for you. March isn't that far away. Also...I saw your post about what you will be doing while in China. You can read our blogs/journals from our three kiddos and see you will have so much fun. We were out and about everyday and traveling in March is wonderful! You won't be bored. Plan to shop in Guangzhou...and visit Hebe at Double Happiness. MAke sure you ask for Hebe because the other ladies there don't speak very good English. :)

Shelly and Family said... beautiful everything is! Soon, very soon...your daughter will be home.

Dawn S. said...

Niiiiiice stuff, Amy!! How are you? I have been so bad about visiting any blogs lately but wanted to "stop by"!!! :)

G's Momma said...

Looks like things are moving along nicely with the preparations!

Come on LynnMarie!!