Saturday, February 03, 2007

First Friday

Last night Michael and I had a sort of date night. After watching this weeks ER, we headed to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. After our dinner, we proceeded to go to our First Friday gathering, which has been a great support for the adoption process. We met a new China baby, celebrated with a couple who recently got a referral of their little boy (they were expecting a girl) and got to know people who were also in the waiting stages. I have enjoyed this greatly and I wish everyone lived closer so that we could spend more time with them.

The family who opens their home for First Friday usually talks a little bit and answers some questions. I am happy to say that after a few months, we actually participated and received some hope. Even though it was a smaller crowd, I am really glad that we went!

So this week, we we will be sending Michaels birth certificate back to Maryland to get it notarized and authenticated, we get finger printed on Valentines day and the wait for the most wanted piece of paper, the I-171!


Magi said...

Hi Amy,

Thank you so much for coming by and sharing in our good news. We are still over the moon.

I know how difficult and frustrating the paperchase and then the wait can be. Just keep plugging away and celebrate the milestones along the way.

Good luck!

Yvonne said...

Oh Amy, I am so excited for you and your Hubby!! Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting. I think it's just so awesome that you are on this journey, it's an emotional one, but boy the end results are worth it a million times over!! I am in the process of the wait once again, to hear if we have been selected for a 2 year old named Violet. We will find out on February the 13, one day before your fingerprinting. :-) That will be the best Valentines present we ever got!

I'll keep checking in on you!