Thursday, February 22, 2007

Recap of a 2nd Productive Day

So friends, yesterday was our second consecutive productive Wednesday regarding our paper chase. Not everything went the way we anticipated, but here is what we have to report.

I went to work from 6:30 to 11:30 while Amy got some sleep as she had worked the night before. I got home a little after noon and we got everything together and started out on our mission around 2pm.

Our first stop was the office of the Secretary of State of Georgia. Mapquest was a little vague and the result was we circled a block twice before discovering the place we needed to be is a two tower building atop the Georgia State University MARTA station (MARTA being our bus and train system in Atlanta). We paid $5 to park and climb a steep hill to the entrance which is behind a nice park with fountains and war memorials to Georgia's fallen soldiers. The walkways have benches and bench swings.

We entered the capital office building and immediately came to an information/security desk where we were asked our business and for our identification. Amy seldom carries her ID on her so this was a problem. I showed my driver's license and we were told Amy would have to wait downstairs. I proceeded to the 11th floor and found the office. I told the receptionist I needed document authentication and she said she would call the person I needed. I asked about the security measures and another employee was heading out. That employee heard me and asked for Amy's description and she actually went down and got Amy for me.

The process at the Secretary of State's office was quicker than the County clerk of Courts as the county guy had to hand type a lot of things including our notary's last name (Chwemelewski). We had all 9 documents certified and paid our $90 in about 10 minutes and the documents were very nicely set up in official folders.

We left downtown and headed towards home to make stops at our two Senator's offices. I did not use mapquest, but had looked to see where we needed to be. We circled Cumberland Mall a bit and found Johnny Isakson's office first. There we met a case worker who told us things have increased tremendously since January 1, as the immigration people have added more staff to process I-171 applications. Everyone in this office looked very Republican, all clean-cut white men wearing ties, it was like a room full of Alex P Keatons.

We went next to Saxby Chambliss' office which is less than a mile away. There was seemingly no one there except an attractive young woman who greeted us and set us up in a room to fill out a request form for intervention to go with our letter requesting help. As we left we helped ourselves to some of the GEORGIA PEANUTS which filled a bowl in both Senator's offices. Perhaps this could be a nickname for our baby, the Georgia Peanut.

Since we had finished our mission, we called Amy's sister and found she was not feeling well throughout the day. We told her to go rest and we went to grab a snack at McDonald's and then drove to her hotel. Kelly was not feeling great and we debated what to do for the evening. The end result was we took her to Jason's Deli where she made a salad and got some soup and cheesecake. We took Kelly back to her hotel and we headed home until it was time to head out for trivia. We were in 3rd place going into the final bonus which we answered correctly, but did not wager much on, so we won nothing but had a good time.

FYI - the final bonus was "Who was the highest paid child actor in the 1980's?" Answer - Gary Coleman. The other question that hurt us also was a bonus with wager - "In 1998, who was the oldest woman to have a number one single in the US pop charts at age 52?" We guess Streisand for her duet with Bryan Adams - it was Cher.


Lisa and Doug said...

Sounds like you both had a full day! It feels so good to get things accomplished!

Tamara said...

Oh yes, I remember all that! Sounds like you got so much accomplished today!