Thursday, February 01, 2007

Its us again. I feel bad that there has not been any substanance to this blog lately. My posts have just been updates and not the good stuff. For that I am sorry. We are thrilled beyond belief and I am ready to absorb myself in the Chinese Culture and traditions and hope to post a lot here. I think I am afraid. I really want to wait until our dossier is actually in China and then focus on the other stuff. I shouldnt be afraid. If we are turned down, we will seek elsewhere.

On another note, my friend took care of a patient who was adopted from China. I spent some time with them and learned not only did they use CCAI, but they are about to use them for the third time..It was nice to talk to him and to hear the dads version of this.



You've got a lot on your plate right now! I'm sure everyone understands that this is a very big part of your life. Once you get the biggest part of the paperwork done, you can rest a bit easier...
I just can't begin to imagine what an exciting time this is for you!


You have just posted something informative about you. Don't say there's no substance to your blog because there is. It is your blog and you can post anything you want to be it with substance or no substance.
By the way, I started my blog with a free template then later I started playing around with the template and there you go, I created my own design.
Thanks for the visit.

on the Rock said...

Don't worry about what you're able to post or not post. It's not easy being in the life stage we are in sometimes.

Leslie said...

You have been in my prayers!!! I am excited for you as you go on this journey.

Lisa and Doug said...

I completely understand your fear. I have felt that for years after trying for a baby. Even though I am getting really close to referral day, I still worry about something going wrong. Hang in there!