Sunday, March 25, 2007

Adoption thoughts

So to clarify,
In order to turn in our dossier we need to
1) go to post office and pick up envelope from DC Chinese embassy
2)get group pics (still missing 2, hoping family can help)
3) get payment ready
4)get passport (should be here anyday)

Once we turn that in, it gets translated, reviewed and sent to China. We are still hoping for a log in date before May 1st!

With that being said, the question is, "when do you get your baby"? I had originally said possible December 2008 would be a possibility but its looking like 2009..This is okay. the wait is our preparation time and I am looking forward to it.

Things to be praying for
1) my passport arrives THIS WEEK!
2)financial needs are met
3)pray for the children and their care givers in China
4)pray for those families who have received their children this week
5)pray that we may encourage others who are also in the process

This has been awesome!!!!!

Another question that's asked, "have you thought about the baby's room or have you bought anything?" Oh how I would love to. I look, I really look. I have been looking at baby stuff since our first anniversary. Its hard to answer every ones questions. I am so glad people are asking, they support us and are excited for us.

To other adopting parents, when did you start buying things? We are also going to do the 100wishes quilt project once we are logged in but I was wondering if there was a time frame that most people use.


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Thanks for stopping by. :)

For Lily, Jacob was SOOOOOO superstitous that we couldnt buy anything until we got the referral and then we went mad. I shopped a little bit, I couldn't help myself and shoved things in a closethidden away. If people bought us gifts he would hyperventilate. This time around we don't have much to buy but I am doing a bit here and there but I have to admit that post referral shopping madness was awesome!
As you saw we are starting her room and that's a huge step for hubby. Go ahead and buy a few things, it feels so liberating...he he he he.

Joannah said...

Good luck with the last few details of your paperchase. Being DTC will feel SO good.

I purchased a lot of things initially, but now that the wait has gotten so long, I just don't buy things very often. The newness has worn off, and now the reality of the wait has set in!

Glinda said...

I've been shopping since we started this eons ago...April '06 and will not stop until our daughter's home, it's called a coping mechanism, and I love to do it.

tracy said...

I only shop if it's a "to die for item." I bought stuff at first, but the reality of the wait hit me and it's just to hard to keep purchasing stuff all the time. The pink bedroom is a killer, I should have left it boyish.

redmaryjanes said...

I started my 100 wishes quilt right away and am still collecting squares 9 months later. I think it will be a year before I have all of my squares. So, you could start that.
As far as shopping goes, I'm nervous about what sizes to buy, so I have really held off unless I see something that is a must have.

Doris & Dan said...

I bought if I saw a deal. Then I could justify it. No superstition...just wanted to find stuff that I loved. I did not buy to just buy.
Good luck!
Keep smilin!

Amy said...

I will be praying for your list of things! I am proud of you for patiently waiting. I understand the excitement of your new arrival!