Saturday, March 03, 2007

monthly First Friday meeting

Once again, we were blessed. It is so nice to be around people with this common bond and to develop friendships. We had dinner with Karen, another future mommy and then we headed over and talked some more. There is another couple who is our age and is about to be logged in to the China system. We are very happy for our friends.

After socializing, the host and hostess usually say a few words and then there are questions. one guest brought up something interesting. She seemed concerned that a lot of people depend on this group for encouragement and things, which is good. She encouraged us to make our own support groups outside of this group and to start encouraging others. It hit home that "our story" can encourage and impact others..She gave us lots to think about and I will probably post about that later today or tomorrow..

Its just that after every meeting, we come back so excited..

Amy and Michael


Jennifer "Jenny" said...

Congrats on receiving your I 171H! Also thanks for checking out my blog. Crossing my fingers for you guys in hopes that your paperchase will soon be done.

Leigh said...

Hi Amy

Thanks for visiting once again.

I'd love to know your background (nosy parker that I am).

Can you send me the links for your back story if you've posted it?

Mommy Spice said...

Ok, that's crazy that you met someone from my group. I know exactly who you're talking about. Shari and I keep in contact through email, but I know she looks at my blog as well. They are the sweetest family.