Monday, March 05, 2007

How we got to this place

Ok, its been asked so let me tell it..Its odd, its strange. Its awesome.. It can only be from God

Michael and I were married October 6, 2001. Since before we were married, we talked about babies..I love babies. I love baby names..It was actually an obsession. Every Monday and Thursday while we were dating, Michael read out the baby names from the Orlando paper and we would assess the situation. You also have to understand that 10 year ago I worked at Jackson-Madison County Hospital and swore I would have twins and name them Jackson and Madison. At the time, I did not realize that everyone thought the same thing. Seriously, they are the most common names EVER! Dang it!

Well, we married and moved to Atlanta. I started working a CHOA (childrens health care of Atlanta) with a lot of women my age who were pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Really didn't effect me until 2 years into marriage. I wont get to personal because really there isn't a lot to tell. We just didn't get pregnant and decided just to be patient. Adoption was never ever in the picture. I never thought I would adopt nor did I have the interest. God is smiling now.

Let's back up again. I went to a Christian college in TN (GO UNION)! I really got into Contemporary Christian music. Steven Curtis Chapman became my top favorite CD to listen to. I became a huge fan for a variety of reasons. 1) his music now brings back memories from college 2)his music helped shape my walk with Christ 3)his music makes me listen. I say that because his music ministered to me and I needed that ministry at the time. When his song "When Love Takes You In" came out, I didn't like it. I skipped it all the time on my CD player. This is very true. I never skip Steven songs. But anyway. When did this whole adoption thing start you ask?"
Michael has taken me to 2-3 concerts but it was the last one that hit me. I can not remember the year or time, but it was like God was knocking on my skull. We started talking about what a cool idea it would be AND

Christmas 2005 Mercy Me/Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas concert. Halfway through the concert, 1-2 dozen Chinese Children came out singing and I couldn't keep my eyes dry. It was horrible, in a good way. Our hearts opened like never before and after that, we talked.

Lets speed up a bit. May 2006. Disney Cruise. Michael and I go on a stingray excursion. We wait in line and they ask for a party of 2..We quickly get on the boat. During our trip we see a beautiful Chinese girl and her parents. As nosey as I am, I ask about the adoption thing and thank God they are nice people. They share their story, I talked to Marissa for what seemed forever and we exchanged addresses. They live 15 minutes away..How cool is that? They also have a younger daughter from China! Back in January, we watched the National Geographic video, Lost Daughters of China and I forgot our new friends were in it. It was wonderful to watch.

We applied with our agency, CCAI, in September and got our approval on our anniversary trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

This experience has been awesome. It wont be too long until we turn our dossier our agency and we are hoping for an April log in date (LID).

Amy and Michael


Doris & Dan said...

That is a lovely story!

Keep smilin!

poody said...

Hey I have a good friend who used to work for a company called Great Wall of China and they do adoptions. There is a really good blog called Waiting for Sophie. If I knew enough I would link you to it but alas I am only a nurse and not a computer person. These folks have a beautiful China baby named Sophie. they are currently adopting a Honduran or Guatamala baby.Can't remember which it was. They had a 4 yr old girl too they were working on adoprting and then something happened and that adoption fell though. I wish you luck. My favorite sound in the whole world is children laughing!

Lisa and Doug said...

That is a great story! I too did not think about adoption as a way to start my family at first - I just thought I would have a biological child. I think the signs have always been there that adoption was my path, I was just to stubborn to see them. I finally opened my eyes and saw those signs and I am so happy I did!

Mommy Spice said...

Awesome story!! Ours is very similiar. Isn't amazing how God's plan for you is so much more than you could have imagined for yourself? I also love Steven Curtis Chapman. I found out about the song after we had started the adoption process with Spicy Girl. So then, I listened to it allll the time.

If I had been at the concert with the girls walking out on stage, I would have been a teary, snotty mess!!

Cyndi said...

that is a wonderful story and I know God is behind your decison t adopt your little girl and I know he already has her picked for you. I have been praying for you since i first statrted reading your journey. God Bess. Cyndi

kris said...

Wondeful story- and congrats one being almost done!!

Rebecca said...

My brother and SIL are there right now - their blog might be fun for you to read.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that! It's a great story :)

Mama Lily said...

Neat story. Thanks for visiting my blog. My sister adopted from China two years ago and have a LID Sept. this year to go again. I love my little niece to pieces. How fun that you are going to get this experience too. May you be blessed in your journey. My sister has joined a 100 Good Wishes Quilt group to help with the waiting time. She writes about it on her blog and has a separate blog to show off the quilt squares.

Cyndi said...

I was wondering if how you feel when it looks like celebrities seem to get through alot of t eprocess alot easier and faster than everyone else?

Karen said...

Oh, good luck! My husband and I are also working with CCAI and are just about to submit our paperwork to the L.A. consulate. I'm crossing my fingers for an April LID. I'll cross them for you too!

Jeff and Michelle said...

Hi! I can't believe you met the family that is in that DVD/Video! Wow! That's incredible. You were definately meant to be on this journey!