Saturday, March 31, 2007

We are blessed

Well, our dossier will be turned in next week which means we will make the May 1st deadline. My passport will be here Monday, we have gotten our group photos and the finances will be settled before then.I am thrilled and I cant wait until we we are DTC (dossier to China for those who are not familiar). After that we will be LID (we will get a log in date) and then the waiting begins.

I am hopeful. I am hearing people say the wait is now 2 years from LID but I am at peace that it will be quicker than that and if not, I am okay. God is giving us this time to prepare our home and hearts for the life changing event. This is so awesome..Sorry, another Jerry Maguire moment there. I can not wait to get that LID. I can not wait to join groups that have others with LID similar to us.

Please pray
1)our agency encounters no problems with reviewing or translating and our dossier gets to China before May 1
2)Pray that as we begin the wait that God will prepare us and that we will be open for changes
3)for our friends and family who will be a HUGE support to us when we get home
4)pray that we find a home church and become actively involved
5)pray for the people in China who are caring for these babies and for the birth moms.
6)pray that we will use this time wisely
7)pray that we fund raise and save money

1) my passport is in Atlanta
2)agency payment has been taken care of
3) The Hoffmans have a LID
4)i have met some sweet ladies because of this process
5)this process has brought out a new side of Michael and I


Kathy and Joel said...

That is great news, Amy! Good luck with the translation portion of the adventure and hopefully, the wait times will decrease so that you can have your child home with you as soon as possible. Best of luck!

Michelle said...

Congratulations! That is great news. I'll pray that everything moves along as it should. I too am really trying to come to Peace with what could be a two year wait. God knows what He is doing. Thanks for reminding me of that.

redmaryjanes said...

You are moving right along which is wonderful news! I am hoping that the wait times get less for all of us.

Mommy Spice said...

Yay! I told you about our "blood work" snag. Well, that's taken care of and our dossier went back into translation last Thursday. We should be DTC next week....I hope. So, we may both have an April LID.

Lisa and Doug said...

Great news! Can't wait until I hear that you are LID!

primarycolors said...

So, so wonderful! This child will be so blessed to have you guys as parents. Praying that the time flies by and that everything goes smoothly... :)

Karen said...

I am so excited for you. Hopefully the translation goes fast!