Monday, April 02, 2007

May we introduce you to

may we introduce you to: OUR DOSSIER! That's right! Everything is here. Passports (copies of passports), group photos, couple photos, birth certificates, 1 marriage license, employment verification, home study, financial statement, adoption petition, health forms, letters from doctors, etc. WOOHOO! This is what we have been working on since October of 2006!!!! We will certainly make the May 1st deadline and then the waiting really begins. I have never been more excited to wait in my entire life. Once we are logger in, we will begin some special projects, one which will include you, our friends and family. We are very very excited and can not wait to learn more of the Chinese culture, prepare our home and hearts for this most magnificent journey!!
God's hand has been on us this entire journey and we are so thankful. Please pray that He will continue to guide us on this journey. More prayer requests are listed on an entry below!! No need to read below, let me post them again

Please pray
1)our agency encounters no problems with reviewing or translating and our dossier gets to China before May 1
2)Pray that as we begin the wait that God will prepare us and that we will be open for changes
3)for our friends and family who will be a HUGE support to us when we get home
4)pray that we find a home church and become actively involved
5)pray for the people in China who are caring for these babies and for the birth moms.
6)pray that we will use this time wisely
7)pray that we fund raise and save money

1) my passport is in Atlanta
2)agency payment has been taken care of
3) The Hoffmans have a LID
4)i have met some sweet ladies because of this process
5)this process has brought out a new side of Michael and I

We shall be turning this in on Wednesday because Jamie has jury duty today and I am working tomorrow! How excited are we? Totally excited!!!!!


:: Suzanne :: said...

what a great idea to take a photograph! I wish I had. I did four dossiers in a little over a year, so I certainly had plenty of opportunity.

Best wishes for a speedy referral.

e-Mom said...

Unreal! What a pile of paper... the whole thing gives me shivers of excitement. Awesome.

You'll have a great deal of fun learing about China. Someone recommended a book called China, Inc. I haven't read it yet, but it could be helpful to you.

Big Hugs! :~)

Stacy said...

Congratulations!!! It is so exciting to be finished, isn't it?! Now comes the hard part ~ the wait. I am a hands-on person so it has taken a long time for me to accept that there is nothing to do, but wait.

Enjoy the journey. I am now, thankfully. It makes it so much easier.

I am so happy for you. Celebrate!!

Doris & Dan said...

Congrats! What a great photo!

Keep smilin!

Lisa~~ said...

Wishing you a speedy DTC and LID.

Daniella said...

Congrats on being done with the paperchase - here's to a speedy LID!

kris said...

It's the best feeling being done, isn't it??!! And here I thought I was the only one who took pics of the whole stack!!

Kristy said...

Love the pictures!
Such a great feeling to have all that done, isn't it?!

redmaryjanes said...

WOOHOO! DTC on Wednesday!!!

cheepette8 said...

Congratulations! Hoping for speedy LID and referral.

Seabolt said...

Congratulations!! Here is to a quick LID...we were DTC on 3/28/07...maybe we will travel together!!

~Jennifer S.

Kathy and Joel said...

Awesome!!! Isn't it crazy how much work we have to do to get the dossier prepared? You won't know what to do with yourself once it is handed over! :)

Mommy Spice said...

I wish I would have taken a picture of my dossier. That's a great idea!! Two times I've done this...I'm a huge picture taker...and I never thought of that!!

We are DTC as of yesterday.

stephanie said...

Congrats on finishing the paperchase! Here's to a speedy dtc & lid!

Claire said...

This is fantastic news!!!!!!
Sounds strange but when i go to the Chinese supermarket next week i will think of you.

I don't pray but my thoughts/good vibes are aimed at you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The best WW of the week! What a special time for you. I have a co-worker who adopted a little girl from China about a year and half ago. She is such a cutie.

Will keep you in our prayers!