Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Friday

Last night was the April First Friday group meeting. I have been looking forward to this all week. It began with dinner at TGIFridays with Karen, who is farther into the process than we are. She is a stinkin funny chick and we always enjoy our time with her. We never have to worry about where our conversation is going.

Then, we headed to the Chapmans where we saw uhm The Chapmans. Then our friends Tim and Laura arrived and I just love them. They are our age and Laura and I get along famously.Our log in dates will just be a few weeks apart and its just neat to have another friend who understands. We met more friends last night. Actually, some of them have blogs I have been reading for a while and didn't even recongnize them. I am afraid that people do not think I am that friendly there, but thats probably my paranoia kicking in.

Topics included log in dates, referrals and baby names.. So then there was the question, HAVE YOU PICKED A NAME? Someone suggested we go ahead and pick one before someone claims it. Well, let me just say that the names Michael and I like are a bit popular and we will have fun choosing the right one..More on that later

The gathering was informative and met a new baby who has been with her new family for a month and we met another family who is leaving later this month to and get their new baby.
It was such a time of encouragement and fellowship and I have enjoyed meeting new people and talking to people who have been there. Michael was able to talk to a lot of people as well and I think he enjoyed himself too!


Shelby said...

Happy S A T U R D A Y !! :)

redmaryjanes said...

I am so glad that you have a support group in your area. We are working to put one together in ours.

Special K said...

It was great to see you again! Next month, I'm bringing a date!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!!! The name is a challenge because it's part of who you are. (I think anyway) You'll pick a great one I'm sure.

Happy Easter sweetie!!!!!

Mark and Rebecca said...

It was good to see/meet you on Friday night! We are so lucky to have that support group.

No are were very friendly! I enjoyed our names conversation.

Congrats on being almost DTC!