Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another one of those moments

This weekend, I have been told I have to go meet this family and finally at 9pm I did. What an amazing experience. I met a mom who has 7 children, 2 are daughters from China! One daughter arrived 11 years ago at the age of 9 months and a second daughter who is special needs is almost 12. This means her daughters are 6 months apart! It was the special needs daughter who was admitted . She is doing great. I spend time time talking to her, and she showed me what English she has been learning by repeating things from TV. What a sweet spirit she has! We watched Animal Planet and saw some tiger cubs. She spent a great deal of her life in an orphanage but before she came to the US she was able to hold a tiger cub.

This mom has used the same agency we are using and spoke so highly of them. She gave me some tips on flying and airfare and what to expect..It was awesome!!!

Tuesday afternoon, I think I am going to get to meet some other adopting moms for lunch and then possibly dinner with a friend!!!

its been a great night!!!


Michelle said...

what a great meeting!

I still don't have any ideas for fundraising really, but on another blog I read she posted about this other blogger who is doing fundraising for their adoption so I wanted to pass on their post so you could see what someone else is doing:

Imma ( Alice) said...

Ah Amy, this all sounds SO exciting. I really have to get to bed or I'd go back and read from the start. I've just browsed back several posts. I will come back and read more soon.

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my "Photo Hunters" post.

Best wishes!!

Kathy and Joel said...

Three is nothing like networking with other adoptive families to make the process seem real. It helps so much to have other people to lean on for advice or for tips and it makes the wait bearable. So happy for you that you have found people to help you through.

redmaryjanes said...

Hello there! Thank you for commenting on my blog and sharing how you came to choose your blog name. I see here that you are paperchasing. Our LID is 2/6/07, so you aren't far behind us at all. I see that we are on your bloglist, so I will definitely add you to mine. I also see that you are a Rascal Flatts fan. I love them! They are my favorite band. Please continue to drop by and leave a note.

Amy said...

It's always wonderful to meet people that have gone through what you will be going through....too wordy that was! Anyway, like you said they gave you some good tips!