Friday, March 16, 2007

Spaghetti Dinner anyone?

Hey guys, short notice. Friends of our are having a fundraiser tomorrow night in Ackworth to help pay for their Taiwan adoption!!!

They are serving dinner from 5- 7 Saturday night along with a silent auction that sounds awesome..

Email me at if you want to go! We would love to have others support them.

Also, Michael posted that we are almost done. All we have left is to collect pictures of Michael and I in group photos..This has been hard. I am almost ready to have a picture party and just visit all of our friends! HAHAHA!!! Just kidding



Mommy Spice said...

Do it!! Have a picture party. Just call a bunch of friends and have them meet you at a park or something. Then run to walmart and get them developed there. Our dossier is in translation right now. We had to take 3 more pics at a park the same day I sent our dossier in.

Karen said...

Ooohh...picture party would be fun! Not just for the dossier, but think how much your daughter would love to have copies of those when she gets older! even if you can't scrapbook them now...just get a photo pencil to write the names and date of those in the pic on the back so when you are deleriously (sp)? tired from being "mommy" you won't have a mommy moment and forget names:-)

Stacy said...

One Saturday Ryan and I drove to every family memebers house for pictures. It was the last item we needed before sending off our dossier. The picture part was CRAZY! Good luck!