Thursday, December 27, 2007


Hello friends! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I know many friends had their first Christmas with their children and I have loved reading about your days. I know many of you know that 2008 will bring more families together and I cant wait to read your stories as well.

We had a great season and I know that 2008 will bring wonderful memories to the Christopher house.
This Christmas, LynnMarie received a ladybug blanket and crib sheet from her Uncle Tim and Aunt Mery!!!!

Recently, I have been reading the Love's Journey 2 book. This book is a fundraiser for Love Without Boundaries, the organization that helps provide all types of care to orphans in China. The website is awesome, and I am falling in love with this group.

I thought I would share a poem that I read last night

You Are Mine
by Kelly Feichtinger

I love you
Though I have yet to see your face.
You are mine.

I dream of holding you in my arms
My child from far away
You are mine.

I like awake at night
Imagining who you will be.
You are mine.

I prepare our home and my heart
To receive such a precious child.
You are mine.

I pray for your happiness and safety
Until I can be the one to provide it.
You are mine.

I hold my breat
As we wait for the call.
You are mine.

I will the time to fly by
As we wait fir permission to travel
You are mine.

I feel as though my heart will burst
When you are placed in my arms.
You are mine.

You rest your soft cheek against mine
And sigh contentedly.
I am yours.


Janelle said...

what a wonderful poem - it's truly an expression of the experience! thanks for sharing it : ))

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the poem...
Glad you had a Great Christmas...
We will have our little ones in our arms one day on Christmas morning too..
Hugs to you girly..
I am with you all the way..
2008 is going to be GREAT..

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

Such a beautiful poem. Hope you have a wonderful 2008!

Margaret Miracle said...

I love that poem. 2008 is going to be wonderful!


redmaryjanes said...

That is beautiful Amy.

Linda said...

That is so Great. A beautiful poem that is so true. Happy New Year to You and your Family... linda

Angie said...

What a beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing it.
I am glad to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas. May your 2008 be filled with lots of happiness and love!

Jeff and Michelle said...

What a beautiful poem. I am so glad your Christmas was special. 2008 will bring you much closer to your daughter.


OziMum said...

Thanks for sharing!

Glad you had a great Christmas, and looking forward to 2008!

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Lovely poem. Someday we'll both have our little girls in our arms!

PattiB said...

I loved this poem (and your blog). I reposted it on my website (hope you don't mind) Thanks for sharing it. Sounds like you all have a great plan for 2008 and your wait. We are coming up on our 2nd LID-iversary in March and the wait has been tough.