Thursday, December 06, 2007

Random thoughts and prayers needed

Well, its referral day and its always fun to see the new babies.
Yesterday I spent some time with Miss Rebecca and Sophia and what a joy that was. I always enjoy time with friends and feeding a new baby is also a lot of fun! Thanks guys!

Also, I know this year many people are celebrating their first Christmas with their children. Many people also know this is the last Christmas without their new addition. Many families are also celebrating a "first". A first Christmas without their children. As a nurse who takes care of patients with brain tumors, I ask specific prayers for 2 families. Jenny and Tre who are celebrating Miss Izzys first Christmas but they are also celebrating their first Christmas without Catie who passed away in January. Miss Izzy was born one week after Catie passed away. God has worked in this family and I wish I could share these cool things but I dont thing blogger will let me use all that space. Izzy was placed in this family at such the perfect time. I will not tell you how special this family is to me. I truly adore this family and they have blessed me beyond measure.

Jason and Amber lost 2 girls this year. They lost Aubrey to a brain tumor earlier in the year and Ava was born still born not too long ago. I know their hearts are breaking but their attitude has inspired me and I ask you to pray for comfort for them. Another special family that will be forever etched in my heart.

Many of us do not know how many more Christmas's or other holidays will pass before we bring our children home. I will cherish each moment as we wait for LynnMarie as we pray for her, her birth mom and all who are involved in her care.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Just thought I would pop in to say hi... glad all is going fine...

Tracy said...

Great post. I do feel so lucky and blessed that this is our first Christmas with a little one in our home, our sweet Charlotte who has been home with us for 3 weeks and 1 day. My heart aches for those who have lost their children, and those who are longing to bring them home.


Janelle said...

what a lovely and thought provoking post. I cannot imagine the bittersweet feelings of the families you mentioned who've lost a child. I know that you must have walked alongside many families in difficult times. peace to you as you minister to them and also as you continue to wait.

Don and Be said...

Hi Amy,
Don here - Just a note of encouragement - the Great Wall agency recently held a conference in Tampa - a rep of CCAA (if I heard it right) was in attendance and relayed that their staff was still processing the same amount of applications as before the slowdown - the extended wait appears to be the result of increased China applications when Guatemala & Russia started doing some odd things with their processes. But, you can only take this bit at face value. My theory is that once we hit that May 1, 2007 'new rules' deadline, referrals will pick up - of course, that doesn't help US out one iota. It appears that we both are in the middle of the pile right now.
Drop us an e-mail if you are down in O-town - we'll have cake.
Blessings in this Christmas Season,
Don (of Don & Be)