Monday, December 31, 2007

Its Monday

We are going to do things a little bit different here on Monday Meditations.
You see, I know we are all praying for our sweet babies, those who are caring for them and for God to use them. I am praying for our babies birth families that they will feel Gods presence among them in what can only be a very stressful situation.

Today I want to pray for specific people and I think I will do this each week. I hope you will join me as I am finding that praying for friends and even people I do not know FUN! Really, really fun. To go to my Creator and talk to him directly is just awesome and what a privilege.

1) The Hoffmans. I have spoken about them before. They are okay people. Just kidding. They rock! They are humble and have become spiritual mentors for me, although I know they don't think so. they are adopting from both China and Ethiopia and are certainly on The Great Adventure. They have had hard times. They have had some serious God moments lately.They have shared their hearts with me and are REAL! I love them both dearly and it makes my eyes water to know they are a part of my life. Pray that they stay encouraged and will continue to allow God to lead their family. Lets shower them with prayers today!
2) The family over at The Seventh Diamond. She has made my blogging experience awesome. What an encouragment. She has Saturday morning chats over at her blog so if you are ever awake at around 8am, stop by. There is always someone to visit. I hope she finds the encourament she has given me. Lets also talk to God about my sweet friend!

Okay, I have spoken to you about my new interest with Love Without Boundaries. I am learning more about this organization and fascinated in their work. The love they have for those who can not help themselves.This weekend at work, I spent some time on their website and 2 sweet faces caught my attention. Please pray for babies Le and Chou. The type if surgery that chou needs is one of the types of patient I take care of at work each night. Please take a moment right now and pray they find love today and that the money needed to do their surgeries would just pour in. There is a place on the website to donate if you feel led. No amount is too small!!

1) All Nov 2005 families that were on my blogroll are home from China! WooHOo
2) New referrals should be here soon
3) Adoption!!!!!
4) the awesome friends we have made through this process
5) God is leading people to adoption all over the world


redmaryjanes said...

Amy, You are the best! Thank you so much. I too am encouraged by you and your Monday prayers. It helps me to focus on the needs of the children we are waiting for and the families who are needing them to come home.
I really enjoy talking with you each Saturday and appreciate that you take the time to join the chat even though you have been up all night working.
God Bless you and your wonderful husband this New Year!

Lisa, Doug & Briana said...

Happy New Year! Hope 2008 is a great one for you!

Janet said...

You really are the best, Amy. I love your Monday meditations!

Happy New Year!!!!May God bless you richly!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Happy New Year....
This is one step closer to our little girls...

Laura said...

Thank you for your prayers, Amy. They mean so much to me. Yes, the Hoffman's have had a difficult 3 years, but it is so wonderful to see where God leads us when we let Him. I pray He leads you through 2008!


Carol said...

Amy, I'm praying today for you! I hope you are doing well and have a wonderful New Year!

You have really helped me thru the process. I hope I can return the favor.

Kristy said...

You are beautiful.
What a sweet post, Amy.
God has exciting things in store for 2008!!
Blessings ~

Pug Mama said...

happy New Year!

Tymm said...

Thank you for the kind words and prayers Amy. That means a lot to us. I hope you have a very blessed 2008.

Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Joining you in prayer. I too am following the LWB stories. Those kids steal your heart.

I pray that God will bless your socks off in '08!!