Saturday, March 31, 2007

We are blessed

Well, our dossier will be turned in next week which means we will make the May 1st deadline. My passport will be here Monday, we have gotten our group photos and the finances will be settled before then.I am thrilled and I cant wait until we we are DTC (dossier to China for those who are not familiar). After that we will be LID (we will get a log in date) and then the waiting begins.

I am hopeful. I am hearing people say the wait is now 2 years from LID but I am at peace that it will be quicker than that and if not, I am okay. God is giving us this time to prepare our home and hearts for the life changing event. This is so awesome..Sorry, another Jerry Maguire moment there. I can not wait to get that LID. I can not wait to join groups that have others with LID similar to us.

Please pray
1)our agency encounters no problems with reviewing or translating and our dossier gets to China before May 1
2)Pray that as we begin the wait that God will prepare us and that we will be open for changes
3)for our friends and family who will be a HUGE support to us when we get home
4)pray that we find a home church and become actively involved
5)pray for the people in China who are caring for these babies and for the birth moms.
6)pray that we will use this time wisely
7)pray that we fund raise and save money

1) my passport is in Atlanta
2)agency payment has been taken care of
3) The Hoffmans have a LID
4)i have met some sweet ladies because of this process
5)this process has brought out a new side of Michael and I

Friday, March 30, 2007


FedEx tried to deliver my passport today but I was not home..they will try again Monday. WooHoo! All we need now is to figure out our next payment and our dossier will be turned in..We are too excited!!! Looking forward to DTC and a LID!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Yesterday was awesome. After I got home, I slept from 830-10am. Then I got ready and headed up 575 to invite meet some new friends. I was invited to lunch with some ladies involved in Chinese adoption. Some already had their babies and some were sooo close to a referral. I had no idea who would be there, but most of them had blogs I have been reading for months now! These ladies answered a lot of questions for me and it was really nice. I finally got to meet Maisie which was a huge surprise. I have been reading her blog since before her mommy and daddy got their referral! There were 2 Lisa's there. One Lisa is a frequent commenter on this blog and I did not realize it until I got home. She has been such a positive influence. She will be getting her referral very soon and I can not wait. The hostess is also close to getting her referral and I am thrilled for her. I was able to see the toy room and the nursery. This was the first time I have talked to ladies so far in the process. It was nice to the nursery and the other Chinese items she has in her room.. I was so motivated when I left. I really hope I see these ladies again and I hope they don't judge me based on my sleep deprived state yesterday!!!

After lunch, I came home and rested for another few hours. I got up and picked up Lucy the basset hound from doggie day care and dropped her off. Then I proceeded to head to Carrabas to have lunch with Laura, another future mommy who is very close to us in the adoption process. It was wonderful to have some girl time and to get to know each other. She is such an encouragement!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Well, we have all documents from the Consulates in our hands on the dining room table. I ordered our pictures from Winkflash and if we do not have enough group photos, we will get them at trivia on Wednesday and find some people to take pics with. I just called the Passport place, paid to expedite it, and I should have the passport on March 30th!

Once we establish how we will make the payment, our dossier will be ready to turn in as early as next Monday, which will be awesome.

I am having lunch tomorrow with some other future adopting mommies nearby and then I have having dinner with Laura tomorrow night. Laura and I will have log in dates about a month apart and we are the same age and she is as sweet as can be!

Thats it...things are moving..Let the waiting begin!!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Adoption thoughts

So to clarify,
In order to turn in our dossier we need to
1) go to post office and pick up envelope from DC Chinese embassy
2)get group pics (still missing 2, hoping family can help)
3) get payment ready
4)get passport (should be here anyday)

Once we turn that in, it gets translated, reviewed and sent to China. We are still hoping for a log in date before May 1st!

With that being said, the question is, "when do you get your baby"? I had originally said possible December 2008 would be a possibility but its looking like 2009..This is okay. the wait is our preparation time and I am looking forward to it.

Things to be praying for
1) my passport arrives THIS WEEK!
2)financial needs are met
3)pray for the children and their care givers in China
4)pray for those families who have received their children this week
5)pray that we may encourage others who are also in the process

This has been awesome!!!!!

Another question that's asked, "have you thought about the baby's room or have you bought anything?" Oh how I would love to. I look, I really look. I have been looking at baby stuff since our first anniversary. Its hard to answer every ones questions. I am so glad people are asking, they support us and are excited for us.

To other adopting parents, when did you start buying things? We are also going to do the 100wishes quilt project once we are logged in but I was wondering if there was a time frame that most people use.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another one of those moments

This weekend, I have been told I have to go meet this family and finally at 9pm I did. What an amazing experience. I met a mom who has 7 children, 2 are daughters from China! One daughter arrived 11 years ago at the age of 9 months and a second daughter who is special needs is almost 12. This means her daughters are 6 months apart! It was the special needs daughter who was admitted . She is doing great. I spend time time talking to her, and she showed me what English she has been learning by repeating things from TV. What a sweet spirit she has! We watched Animal Planet and saw some tiger cubs. She spent a great deal of her life in an orphanage but before she came to the US she was able to hold a tiger cub.

This mom has used the same agency we are using and spoke so highly of them. She gave me some tips on flying and airfare and what to expect..It was awesome!!!

Tuesday afternoon, I think I am going to get to meet some other adopting moms for lunch and then possibly dinner with a friend!!!

its been a great night!!!

my passport

We applied for my passport Feb 14th. It would be a replacement for my original plus a name change. It needs to hurry up!!!!!!!! I am hearing from some people it may be another month..This would stink! They did cash our check this week, so we will see.....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Our friends

Our friends The Hoffmans have a LID! (LOG IN DATE) I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!!!

Our friends

Our friends The Hoffmans have a LID! (LOG IN DATE) I AM SOOOO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Houston, we have a problem

You will NOT be hearing us say that as our paperwork from Houston arrived today. Actually, I just got back from the post office and now its displayed on our dining room table. I hope this means the DC embassy will be just as quick. We are now waiting on the DC embassy and my passport. As soon as we collect a few pics and get those, we will be ready to turn in our dossier to our agency. WooHoo!

email and prayers

Well, today I sent out an email to family and friends explaining what was left of the paperchase. Then I went upstairs to do laundry. I saw the maillady and hoped she would have to stop and bring me something inside. I never saw her pass our house..BooHoo!

Well, I just went to check the mail and there was a card from the post office..Its from the Chinese embassy..Its either from DC or Houston. I called the post office and they said it would be back at the post office by 2pm. So, I am headed out to thy gym to waste some time and then I am headed to see the postal people! I hope its the documents and not a note saying messed something up!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Well, the paperchase is just about done! We get to turn in our dossier (that paperwork stuff I am always talking about) as soon as the following arrive

1) the documents we sent to the Chinese embassy in Houston
2)Michael's BC from the Embassy in DC
3)My passport

We are actually expecting all the 3 to show up in the next 2 weeks. At that time, we will make a payment (working on that now)and turn in our dossier to our agency. Then they will review it, translate it and sent it to China. At that point, we are DTC which is DOSSIER TO CHINA, then we wait for our LID (LOG IN DATE) and then we CELEBRATE and WAIT!

Michael and I attended a spaghetti dinner and silent auction last weekend for friends adopting from Taiwan. During our wait , Michael and I will need to look at fundraising ideas to raise money for the flight to China..Do you guys have any ideas?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Need an idea

Hey guys, I'm looking for ways to decorate containers to put around the house for spare change. Anyone have a creative way to decorate? Right now, we are using laundry detergent containers

Friday, March 16, 2007

Spaghetti Dinner anyone?

Hey guys, short notice. Friends of our are having a fundraiser tomorrow night in Ackworth to help pay for their Taiwan adoption!!!

They are serving dinner from 5- 7 Saturday night along with a silent auction that sounds awesome..

Email me at if you want to go! We would love to have others support them.

Also, Michael posted that we are almost done. All we have left is to collect pictures of Michael and I in group photos..This has been hard. I am almost ready to have a picture party and just visit all of our friends! HAHAHA!!! Just kidding


Thursday, March 15, 2007

All documents off to consulates

Yesterday Amy took our 12 documents for Houston to the post office and sent them off for the final authentication. We've been worrying about the return of my birth certificate which we sent to the U.S. Department of State for authentication. Well, yesterday we had a attempted delivery note in the mailbox. Today I was home when the postman came and she had the letter, my birth certificate authenticated by a lady who signed Condi Rice's name and then her own name to the document. Amy went back to the post office today and sent this document off to the Chinese consulate in Washington, DC.

BTW - Why was I home for the mailman? I left work after an hour today and got an appointment with the doctor to find out I very positively have strep throat. Amy was off at lunch with a coworker/friend and her 3 kids for a play date. I get to have to take tomorrow off to rest and enjoy my antibiotics.

So anyway, we're another big step closer!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Michaels BC is still not back from the state authentication part. Its been 2 weeks and I had it fed-exed. The agency says to keep an eye but sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks. I am mailing out the rest of our paperwork to Houston for final authenticating. The we wait for my passport, Michaels BC and then the rest of the paperwork to come back from Houston and we are ready to turn in our dossier.


Amy and Michael

Monday, March 12, 2007

the paperchase continues

This week will hopefully get our last paperchase event started. The hope is that we can get our documents to the Chinese Consulate in Houston and Michael's BC to the DC consulate. We are also waiting for my passport and to find a few more group pics of Michael and I with some friends! Then our dossier will be complete once we get everything back!

We have decided to support other local adopting parents on Saturday night. One couple is having a silent auction and spaghetti dinner Saturday night in Acworth, and we think it will be fun. Let us know if you want some information!

the paperchase continues

This week will hopefully get our last paperchase event started. The hope is that we can get our documents to the Chinese Consulate in Houston and Michael's BC to the DC consulate. We are also waiting for my passport and to find a few more group pics of Michael and I with some friends! Then our dossier will be complete once we get everything back!

We have decided to support other local adopting parents on Saturday night. One couple is having a silent auction and spaghetti dinner Saturday night in Acworth, and we think it will be fun. Let us know if you want some information!

Friday, March 09, 2007

1st problem

We really havent had many problems with this whole process. I spoke too soon. Michaels BC is not back from DC authentication. It has to go back one more time before we send our dossier to China. Please pray it comes soon. I even fed-exed almost 2 weeks ago. I know they have gotten busier and I hope thats all it is, but we need it pronto. We also need to find more pics of Michael and I in group photos

Congrats on the referrals this month!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Hi everyone! Its been kind of discouraging the last few days, reading other blogs from other Chinese adopting fammilies. You see, this month, the CCAA or the Chinese group that matches babies and families only sent a hand out of referrals. This could be because of the Chinese New Year and everything was closed for a week or this could mean the wait for everyone is getting longer. I refuse to get down on it..I just want to get logged and start the long wait.

I dont know whats going to happen but I pray we all have patience. Its a long long road to our babies but our time will come. Lets pray for no new hold-ups in China and that the wait actually shortens this year!


Monday, March 05, 2007

How we got to this place

Ok, its been asked so let me tell it..Its odd, its strange. Its awesome.. It can only be from God

Michael and I were married October 6, 2001. Since before we were married, we talked about babies..I love babies. I love baby names..It was actually an obsession. Every Monday and Thursday while we were dating, Michael read out the baby names from the Orlando paper and we would assess the situation. You also have to understand that 10 year ago I worked at Jackson-Madison County Hospital and swore I would have twins and name them Jackson and Madison. At the time, I did not realize that everyone thought the same thing. Seriously, they are the most common names EVER! Dang it!

Well, we married and moved to Atlanta. I started working a CHOA (childrens health care of Atlanta) with a lot of women my age who were pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Really didn't effect me until 2 years into marriage. I wont get to personal because really there isn't a lot to tell. We just didn't get pregnant and decided just to be patient. Adoption was never ever in the picture. I never thought I would adopt nor did I have the interest. God is smiling now.

Let's back up again. I went to a Christian college in TN (GO UNION)! I really got into Contemporary Christian music. Steven Curtis Chapman became my top favorite CD to listen to. I became a huge fan for a variety of reasons. 1) his music now brings back memories from college 2)his music helped shape my walk with Christ 3)his music makes me listen. I say that because his music ministered to me and I needed that ministry at the time. When his song "When Love Takes You In" came out, I didn't like it. I skipped it all the time on my CD player. This is very true. I never skip Steven songs. But anyway. When did this whole adoption thing start you ask?"
Michael has taken me to 2-3 concerts but it was the last one that hit me. I can not remember the year or time, but it was like God was knocking on my skull. We started talking about what a cool idea it would be AND

Christmas 2005 Mercy Me/Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas concert. Halfway through the concert, 1-2 dozen Chinese Children came out singing and I couldn't keep my eyes dry. It was horrible, in a good way. Our hearts opened like never before and after that, we talked.

Lets speed up a bit. May 2006. Disney Cruise. Michael and I go on a stingray excursion. We wait in line and they ask for a party of 2..We quickly get on the boat. During our trip we see a beautiful Chinese girl and her parents. As nosey as I am, I ask about the adoption thing and thank God they are nice people. They share their story, I talked to Marissa for what seemed forever and we exchanged addresses. They live 15 minutes away..How cool is that? They also have a younger daughter from China! Back in January, we watched the National Geographic video, Lost Daughters of China and I forgot our new friends were in it. It was wonderful to watch.

We applied with our agency, CCAI, in September and got our approval on our anniversary trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

This experience has been awesome. It wont be too long until we turn our dossier our agency and we are hoping for an April log in date (LID).

Amy and Michael

Saturday, March 03, 2007

monthly First Friday meeting

Once again, we were blessed. It is so nice to be around people with this common bond and to develop friendships. We had dinner with Karen, another future mommy and then we headed over and talked some more. There is another couple who is our age and is about to be logged in to the China system. We are very happy for our friends.

After socializing, the host and hostess usually say a few words and then there are questions. one guest brought up something interesting. She seemed concerned that a lot of people depend on this group for encouragement and things, which is good. She encouraged us to make our own support groups outside of this group and to start encouraging others. It hit home that "our story" can encourage and impact others..She gave us lots to think about and I will probably post about that later today or tomorrow..

Its just that after every meeting, we come back so excited..

Amy and Michael

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I 171

Ok, here is my view of what happenned.
Yesterday after I woke up after coming home from work, Michael and I watched some TV. He fell asleep and I went to the post office to pick up a certified letter. I was actually hoping this was the form. I got their, waited in line for 35 minutes to find the letter was actually a letter from our mortgage company.I was sad but realized we actually had weeks to wait for our form.

I get home and Michael has already gotten the regular mail. He asks me to check out the form and as I read it, it seems its just a normal letter from the immigration center saying they have our info. I kept looking at it and looking at it. I noticed it said 797 on top so I knew it wasnt what we were waiting for. Still, I was curious.

We went to trivia and looked at the form again and again. We found a form in our adoption guide that looked different, but it said the same info..A light bulb went off. My heart was racing, but I didnt want to get my hopes up..

Then, I turned the page to the guide. I found a page that said I 171 example and it had the 797 in the corner like ours. I kept reading the pages and noticed it was identical to what we had in our hands. We were ecstatic. I had Michael look at it a few times just to make sure and when we got home, I got online and asked all of our online friends.

I went to the agency to get it notarized and they said this was the quickest they had ever seen..Yeah God! This is awesome. They said they had no doubts we will get logged in before May 1st. That stress is behind us.

What we are waiting for before our info goes to China.
-we are waiting for my passport (its been 2 weeks)
-we are waiting for michaels bc to come from DC so I can send it back to DC before sending it to our agency

We now send all documents to the CHina consulate in Houston and then they will sned it back to us and then our agency gets those.

Keep praying

amy and michael