Sunday, March 30, 2008

and the red thread continues

So after church, we ran to Publix where I saw a mom and her Chinese baby enter. If you know me, you know I have no problem talking.

So we chat in front of the pudding and we talk about her agency when they got home and how adjustment has been. I then add, have you been to First Friday? She replies, funny you mentioned it, I ran into Mr. D.C at the mall and he told me all about it. Emily and her mom live very close to us and she is just a doll.

We talked for a while and I asked if we could get her email and instead she gave me her blog. Cool deal! So I get home, head to the computer and type in her blog address and up it comes. Big picture of this beautiful family with Mr. Steven Curtis Chapman. Cool, we have something else in common!

I start searching their site and click on links. Up on top is a company I recognize only because one person has recommended this to us. I click on it and it says- Daddys company. You see, I have met this family before.

Last month, we attended a Steven Curtis Chapman concert and decided to collect change for the orphans within our small group. Michael went up to get the info and talked to this sweet family who had Emily Grace with them and found out Emilys dad works for a cruise agency and gave us his card. Its a very small world as we met Emily and her family just weeks ago!!!! Such a sweet family and hope to get to know them better!


Linda said...

Amy thanks for commenting on my blog you are a great person I can see. Continue to follow my journey and I hope to keep you coming back..

Alyson & Ford said...

Cool... Very, very cool. I love this adoption community. What a family we have!