Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday morning chat

So this morning, I got home from work and was awake so to the computer I went. If you want to meet some cool people (most in the adoption community) head over the Seventh Diamond from 8-12. RMJ has done a great job building a community and its just fun to chat with new people and catch up with new friends at the end of the week..

Karen of Bruce and Karen made an appearance today. Yeah for Karen!

Nothing to report on the Christopher family. We leave in less than a month for our 4th Disney Cruise. Our nieces and nephews are a bit older, so it will be nice to see the cruise through their eyes and apparently Jack Sparrow will be on this cruise..WooHoo.

First Fridays is next week and we will be not be attending. Friends, have fun and I can't wait to catch up. We will also be missing May as we will be on the cruise that Friday.

If you are in the Atlanta area, hope you will make it as it is an amazing time of encouragement and fellowship and some of us meet for dinner before hand but all are welcome.

Whats new with you guys?

Thats all I have today.


Shelly & Family! said...

Disney cruise! You'll have to let me know all about it! We have talked about doing one in the past, but want to wait until we have both girls home and both are a little older.

(we are planning a surprise trip to Disney with Francesca for September...just my mom, Francesca and me, but the only way I will go is if Francesca gets potty trained. We talked about going this coming May but I know she will never master the potty thing by than...seeing how we have tried several times in the past with no such luck...) Keep us posted on when you leave for your trip! I am so excited for you guys (and a little jealous lol).

Janelle said...

I'm envying your Disney cruise plans! That might be a good vacation for us, too -- haven't cruised for awhile & since Chloe joined us we have a renewed appreciation for all things Disney. Can't wait for photos : ))