Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sunshine in the morning

How do you wake up feeling good? You wake up and realize it's way too light out at 6:30. you go back to bed and you get up again at 8. At 9am you are at IHoP for breakfast with a group of people you have never met in person, but the red thread does not care.

We met (as seen above Cassie, Glynnis, and Cackie) and their mommies and Cassie's dad) for breakfast before we headed out to Tunica, MS for the day. Cackie's mom was the original owner of the April 2007 LiD group on Yahoo, which Amy now runs. These girls are all within a year of each other at 4 years old and boy can we tell where trouble brews! Cassie and Cackie are great together but you can tell they maybe get along too well. :)

We had a lovely breakfast and talked about the situation with China now versus when these girls were adopted and we talked about people we know and know of through the blogging world. The Ladman's came up in conversation especially as Micah should be home now (or very soon).


OH MY #6 said...

ya just never know. Wow!


Beverly said...

Glenys and I enjoyed meeting you guys too. The are all silly girls. You should be around when the rest of them get together. It is truly a lot of giggles from parents and kids.