Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Meditations

Today I prayed for my husband and I, CCAA, the people of China and all that are involved in LynnMaries care, including her birth mom and those who will love her.
It seems like satan is attacking a lot of people right now and it makes me sad to read some of things happening to my adoption friends. Let me know how I can I pray for you. I hope you will join me today.
On another note, many people are becoming forever families this week. I pray for smooth adjustments for all and for all of them to arrive home safely.
God is good! Thanks for being the encouraging friends that you are for letting me have a little glimpse into your life.


redmaryjanes said...

Thank you Amy for just being you. A real true friend.

Kim :) said...

What an awesome blessing you are! God has truly blessed me with the China bloggers during this long wait!!

Kristy said...

You have a beautiful heart!

Love and blessings, Kristy

Don and Be said...

Catching up on some blogging - and 'yes' let's meet up at DeLeon Springs for a pancake breakfast next time you're back home.
Thanks for your prayerful heart!
Blessings, Don & Be

Beverly said...

I agree it does seem like there is a challenge to people's faith through this wait. Praying for you too.