Thursday, January 29, 2009

what we are up to

Lists,money orders, Visas, copies, organizing, cleaning, organizing, making more lists,, writing thank you cards, emotional breakdowns, these are the things that I have been doing. Thank goodness my Michael is the calm one!

Whats next? WE have our travel conference call next week. We are meeting with our pediatrician next week as well so he will know about LynnMarie and we get ready for specialists when I get back!

Her room- will be getting painted and new carpet. You would think that waiting for a baby for 7 years would make you totally know what you want and motivate you, but no, it just confuses me.

We have wonderful friends who have promised to help with paperwork, question answering and packing. This will help a ton!!

But there is more to this adoption than just going to China (can we say that again, WE ARE GOING TO CHINA)

Life as we know it will change when we get home. The house will be different, schedules will change and there will be much less blogging time.
But back to blogging, many of you have been there done that and have been so helpful in the post below. I know other friends who read this are learning as well!

Did any of you adopt a child with club foot by any chance??

What are some of the things that you bought in China?? What would you buy if you went again or what would you not buy again??


Michelle said...

You post made me smile. I completely remember feeling this same way about one year ago exactly. As for shopping, this is my favorite subject. I bought many items to give to Malia each year on forever family day. Some of my favorites are knit dolls (from the charity store on Shamian Island), jade necklace with her zodiac sign, tea set, and wood nesting dolls. For me/the house, I got some cool artwork but really, really wished I would have gotten a hand painted vase. They had really nice ones in Beijing but I thought I would also see them in Guangzhou and didn't want to travel with it longer than I had to. The vases I saw in Guangzhou were not as detailed and nice so I skipped it all together. Complete regret. However, I did find amazing porcelin shoes in Guanzhou so at least I have something. Make sure you get something nice from her province to hand down later to remember her birthplace. Good luck preparing and just remember that everything else is not a big deal except getting your daughter!

Beth and Ryan said...

Hello! You sound soooo excited which gives me chills. I cannot wait to see it all occur! The one item that we bought in China that I love is a painting done on a leaf. You can buy them in Guangzhou but we bought ours in Chongqing and there is a painting of Ancient Town in Chongqing...anyway, I really wanted something to remind us daily of where MK was born and it is displayed right in the middle of our house to provide that reminder. I wish that I would have bought more Chinese clothing for years to come...we just don't have any, the dolls are nice and I wish I had gotten more...I loved just looking, we didn't really buy a whole, I guess I am not too much help, sorry!

Don and Be said...

A&M - I'd recommend getting the Medical Travel Kit from Orphan Allies.
Lots of baby necessities, meds, creams other necessities. You will probably not use everything, but when you need an item .....
Orphan Allies benefits orphan charities, so the purchase of the Medical Kit was a double win.
Check out
They've just returned from China and have a good list of dos and donts ..... I disagree with the value of the Medical Kit though. If you need something from it .... it's there.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie from
has adopted two little boys with Club Foot. I'm sure if you go to her site and post a question for her, she would be more than happy to help you out.

Lynn said...

I can't offer any advise, I will be asking you in a few months...

The only thing I can share is that the Ergo baby carrier is the best purchase I have made for our daughter. She is 22lbs now at 9 months and tough to carry around for long periods, plus she loves being close. It is very durable and well made, it is also adjustable for myself (short and wide) and my husband (very tall and long). I can carry her around for hours without a problem.

Andy and Amy said...

I will second Lynn's comment on the Ergo baby carrier. I wasn't sure how useful it would be because our "baby" was 19 months when we went to China. We loved it there and are still using it a lot. It was great in China because we felt safe getting on and off taxi's and in crowded places. Best investment we made!

Charlotte said...

Buy everything ! I was told to buy dresses of all sizes, the little chinese ones so they'd have them to wear in years to come to chinese events, good advice ! And also little trinkets to give every year as gotcha day gifts. Also a wedding box, got it in GZ, it is a little box decorated and you give it to her on her wedding filled with trinkets and memories of her life. Also a granite etching is a must ! Bring a picture of your family and one of her and they will do a granite etching of ya'll together and it will never look like you weren't all in the etching ! Squeaky shoes, they are the bomb ! Where else can you buy leather Mary Janes for $3 a pair ! And yes, the squeaks do come out !
Tea sets and different kid t-shirts in different sizes for years to come and little girl slipper shoes for her too and slippers for you too, they are comfortable ! Just shop, shop, and shop ! And remember GZ is cheaper for jewelry ! Go to the pearl and jade market when in GZ !!! Ride the island ferry at night along the river !!

Don't forget strollers and suitcases too in GZ, we always bought a suitcase to go home with more souvenirs !

Charlotte and crew

Cupcakes and Hairbows said...

Hey Amy -- Have you read the "Ni-Hao Ya'll" blog? The mom is Stephanie and I know she has at least one son from China that had club feet - she was on our trip with her sister. She is really sweet and I'm SURE she would be very willing to share with you! Email me at and I'll try to get you all in touch! Her sister lives in Lilburn!!!