Monday, January 12, 2009

What now???

Ok, so we know who LynnMarie is and where she, what now? I HAVE NO CLUE!!!

Seriously, I am so confused and overwhelmed with every emotion to mankind, I do not even know where to start. I love it!!!! Some of you who have been reading our blog have commented on my honesty. Be prepared for some seriously honesty in posts to come!!

LynnMarie has a story and its a beautiful one. Man, this girl turned our lives around the night before Thanksgiving. Really my thinking has like totally changed, its crazy. The Christopher's really are going to CHINA. More importantly, we are bringing LynnMarie home!

These past few weeks have been more wonderful than I could ever imagine. I hope to one day share with you how God has been all over this. I am not kidding. Every day, I learn something new. God has opened a door or given us a little surprise every single day. Its beyond amazing. Never underestimate what God can do all over the world. As big as this world is, God has shown us some really intimate moments. One day I hope to share, I can not put all of this into words.

GOd is so BIG and wonderful and amazingly cool and has been so gracious to us. Finding LynnMarie is so beyond what I ever dreamed.

So right now, we sit and wait. Just kidding. There is no sitting. We are waiting for our LOA (letter of approval) and then we wait for our TA. We really do not know when these things are going to get here, but we will be waiting for a few months I guess.

OK, thank goodness for friends. Mom, Dad, we do have people who love us here.

Seriously, people are offering car seats and offering to help paint the room and clean our house and showers we are just loving on it. It feels good. I did not not expect as much advice and help and literally walking with us on the journey. People helping with paperwork and other things has really helped.

God's hand has been so obvious in orchestrating events. LynnMarie has already touched lives and there are so many people who love her, that it makes my heart smile.

I will be totally honest. I am beyond scared. I really have no idea what we are doing. I knew this was going to happen, but not this fast. Now, I am reading books, researching doctors, treatment options, window shopping, dreaming, praying and then praying some more, worrying which then leads to more praying and I am so out of my element. I would not change it for the world.

We do know that her room will be yellow! Yeah one decision has been made!!!!

FYI, if you want to be on her prayer email list and learn how you can specifically pray for her and us, email me at


Briana's Mom said...

I've had Briana home for a year and a half and I still have no idea what I am doing. ;) Preparing is very good, but sometimes it just comes down to instinct. It will kick in - I promise!

Hope your LOA comes quickly!

Paul and Robyn: said...

Wow Amy, between the post here and the post on your other blog I could write you a book! :) I too felt comfortable in the waiting mode. I actually had a mini panic attack in China the night before Gotcha Day thinking "what the heck am I doing? I am a waiter not a mother" Thankfully it passed.

Think of motherhood as nursing school: you go through all that learning thinking you are so knowledgable and then you get that first nursing job and realize, you don't know jack!!!

I still have those moments and probably always will but it gets easier. Forget the one day at a time just take it one minute at time. It will come to you and you will still second guess yourself. You just do the best job you can for your family and your daughter and God will handle the rest!!!

Hope all this rambling is not too much for, just finished a 12 hr shift and now am chasing a toddler around! Welcome to my world!!!

Happy Monday!!

Joanne said...

Your feelings are SO normal. I had similar thoughts/panics with each of my boys and then before going to China for Mia. Like everyone is saying, your instincts will kick in and you will both figure it out - somehow it all works :)

k1 said...

Remember your childhood, teens, young adult hood, and more recent life. Remember the way your parents and the other adults, authorities in your life treated you, the lessons they taught you and how they reacted to/related to experiences you went through.

Remember which ones encouraged you and guided you in a positive way. Emulate those qualities, words, tones, and actions.

Remember the lessons learned. Know that LynnMarie WILL face the same life lessons, and some of them will be painful... for you both, but she will always remember the way that you related to her in both good times and bad.

Basically, always remember these words from the Bible, Train up a child in the way they should go, AND Do unto others as you would have done to you.

Lessons need to be taught and boundaries need to be set, and discipline must be given, but there are positive, encouraging ways vs mean, punitive ways. Choose the way YOU'D rather be dealt with.

You'll do a great job.

Shelly and Family said...

I so remember Amy being in your shoes only a few months ago...hang in there and believe'll be traveling to China before you even know it....

redmaryjanes said...

Your feelings are all natural. I remember being in the hospital room after Zach was born and watching him in the big plastic tub they put him in for the nursery and thinking.....what do I do now? It will come to you so naturally.

NOW, I need shower dates because I'm having a shower for Steffie too, so let's get a date worked out :)

Debz said...

I'm so happy for you guys. I really can't wait to hear your story of how God put the puzzle together for you. I wonder sometimes if I'm missing something or looking too hard......

Blessings on the days to come. Wish I was closer I'd help you paint!

Ellen and Kevin Fay said...

Amy: So good to spend some time with you a few weeks ago. Can't wait to see this little girls in person! :) Ellen

bbmomof2boys said...

Ok girl - deep breath!! Wow - I can just feel the excitement through your blog!! Everyone is right, your instincts will just kick in - you will be amazed! I'm praying that your LOA comes quickly!! Your daughter is so beautiful and you are so blessed to have those additional pics and video!

God is so so good!! He amazed me at how he worked our adoption and he amazes me how he is working yours!!


Michael said...

Here is something from the male perspective. Start a list. Don't worry about ordering it (putting in priority order). Just start the list. You can assign priority to it later.

Put it on paper to clear your mind. Then prioritize the list. First things First (most important items).

Work the list and check off each.


Michael said...

Here is something from the male perspective. Start a list. Don't worry about ordering it (putting in priority order). Just start the list. You can assign priority to it later.

Put it on paper to clear your mind. Then prioritize the list. First things First (most important items).

Work the list and check off each.


Lennah and Delylah's mom said...

Trust me everything will come naturally once she is in your arms. Instinct takes over and you will be in full mommy mode.

MISA said...

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Jonni said...


Your post is so beautiful and honest. You are going to be an incredible mom to your beautiful princess and everything will fall into place. We have been home with Sofia for 16 mos. and John andI are still learning. You are in for such an incredible adventure. Get ready for the time of your lives! I am praying for you and hope your LOA and TA come soon. This was by far the hardest part of the wait. I just stared holes into the referral photos we received and looked at them constantly. :)


Carol said...

What?????? I miss the blog for a few days and you have referral??????

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I'm so late!!!!!!! I've been a bad blogger!!!!!!

Well CONGRATS Mommie and Daddy!!!!!!

Kristy said...

Amy it is a beautiful thing when God reveals himself and his plan to us isn't it!!! HE is soooo good! LynnMarie is just beautiful and I just can't wait to hear all of the stories you have to tell, I can't wait to see her in your arms. God bless all of you.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Patricia said...

Waht a sweet little one your daughter is! How blessed you are... Hope you get a quick LOA, TA, CA and all the other A's!

Heather said...

LynnMarie is so stinkin' CUTE!!! I can't stand it!! I can't wait to see you all together in person!

Yellow!! Awesome!! Don't worry my friend...we're all here for you!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I tell you... I am a while to my LID but even now I am feeling a little 'scared' cause I don't know what I need to do but I know... I need to start moving on getting things done when I had 3 years to do it and didn't... was out getting curtain rods, pricing carpet etc... before I never thought much of it but now.. gotta think of a doctor... ummm... hugs to ya...

Don and Be said...

I think we relate to each of those emotions. Thank you for affirming that we are normal.