Thursday, January 22, 2009

Special Needs

Well, most of you know that Miss LynnMarie is from the Waiting Child Program, meaning she has some special needs. There are some friends and family who read this and I don't get to talk to them very often so I wanted to make sure you know whats going on. I won't be too detailed as I want to protect her and her caregivers so if you want to know more specifics, send me an email to be on her prayer team email list over at

LynnMarie has 2 special needs. She has clubbed feet and a joint problem with her hands. She can't stretch her fingers out completely. Where she is, they have done a fantastic job with her hands and feet and its obvious that she is loved.

When we get home, she will need some therapies and will need to see some doctors.
So, we are sooooo excited about this opportunity. LynnMarie may in fact have other issues that we don't know about and will not know about until she gets home. But no matter what, this little girl is loved by so many and I can not wait to pour that love over her. I can't to help her learn and grow and to get her the best treatment as possible. We are researching medical facilities, treatments and learning from others how to share her with others.

We know that things will be difficult at times. But we are excited. This is just going to be an awesome blessing. I really can not wait to get this sweet girl home.
There is a lot more to special needs than just her physical issues. We have to teach her that she is loved by so many and make her feel accepted. We have so much to learn so if you have any suggestions, advice, books we must read, please share them with us. You guys rock!
We are excited to bring our daughter LynnMarie home and share her with our family and friends. I want her to know God's love. I want her to feel God's love. We are blessed to have a wonderful support system here. We can not wait to go to China!!!!
Keep praying. Pray for those children who are still in China. Pray for those with special needs and their caregivers who are loving on them.


Lynn said...

God has entrusted you with her for a reason, you will be amazing parents for her and He will do the rest. Be prepared to see miracles!

Alyson and Ford said...

You will be great parents. Your love will be a blessing to her.

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Lou Ellen said...

Your daughter is beautiful! We are also waiting to travel for our daughter in China. She has cerebral palsy and a clubfoot. Seems we may be there about the same time.