Sunday, January 25, 2009


Time to get busy. No matter where you have adopted from, you had to make a list of things to do before the adoption, during travel and afterwards..

So, its time to ask for help. What was on your list?? I don't want to miss anything so add as much as you can, even the simple things..I need lists!

Time to get crazy busy!!


(and thanks a lot)


The Evans Family said...

I am the QUEEN of lists. Here are just a few:

things you need to put a hold on while you are in China (newspaper, mail, etc...)
meds you need to take (over the counter and prescription)
clothes to pack
paperwork you need
money you'll need to take
things to cover (babysitter, work, carpool, etc...)
questions to ask the SWI/Foster home
items you want to buy in China

Good luck!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I have not been yet.. so I will be stalking to see if there are some good suggestions..
Have a great week..
Happy CNY

Jen Wescott said...


We are babyproofing and steam cleaning carpets this weekend. I have about 10 lists going in my head...Maybe I should be writing them down :)

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

I hope you get lots of help with this request. I have no previous experience with China preparation lists but I am a compulsive list maker. I will be coming back to view the responses you receive and start a list of my own for when I need it…whenever that will be!

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family, here’s wishing you all the happiness and prosperity you so deserve.

Smiles! :o)

Tammy said...

Amy, I'm right there with ya! Pass on any good insights you get! My list looks just like your at this point! : ) I feel silly getting too much ready now without our TA, but if we wait until then, we'll be overwhelmed. I'm starting early!!!

Kiy said...

Amy, the only thing I'd add the your first commenter is to make a list of gifts you want to buy. And remember yourself! We ended up only having three days in GZ (not enough time to shop) and I forgot to buy for one very special person, and didn't buy near the things for us and Emi that I wanted.

I am also a lover of all things lists. If you'd like my excel spreadsheet (yes, it's a sickness, lol) just let me know.



Shelly and Family said...

Amy...The one thing I will tell you to bring...IF you guys are coffee drinkers (as we are) is some Maxwell House coffee singles, some sugar packets, and some non-dairy creamers. We learned from our first time to China for Francesca that we needed coffee...badly (and the coffe in China isn't all that great). That was first on my list this time around. Also, I suggest you bring diapers from the US. We did both times and it was a blessing. I know many have said there are diapers in China but they just are not the same quality...we actually had to give some of our diapers to other traveling family because after they purchase the Chinese brand...they knew they just weren't going to cut it. (we like Huggies OverNight Diapers because they are a little bit thicker and can hold more pee or poop). I had a ton of lists going when we traveled too...just ask Sara at Fottball & Fried Rice (she got copies of most of them lol). If you have any question, just ask. I am sure in this amazing blogger world, someone will be able to help you out!

Jen & Bill said...

Posted on WC board as well but here are my thoughts..

Here are my thoughts..

1. Pediatrician - Have you picked one out? If no, start working on
it. If Yes, once you get your consulate appointment, call them and
ask for an appointment. We went about 1 week after we were home.

2. Specialists - same as above. I made an appointment for Ricky to
be seen within a month of being home.

3. Pets? If you have pets who will be taking care of them.

4. Travel to and From Airport. We had family members take us and
pick us up.

5. Medications for you and the baby. Make sure you get antibiotics
for both. We used an international adoption dr to get prescriptions
for Ricky - our regular ped at the time would not give them to us
(fired her by the way - our new pediatrician would have since she has
adopted from China). Our general practioner gave us medicine for us.

6. I did clean the house before we left. I also arranged for
someone to put eggs, milk, and bread in the house just before we came

7. Arrange for help when you get home. I was sick as dog for 6
weeks coming home (brought home the Hong Kong flu). My husband and
family were able to take care of the baby. I threw the no holding
out the door. I had no choice since I was so sick. Looking back, it
didn't make a difference for Ricky although it did cause some bonding
issues for me. See number 8.

8. Be prepared for post adoption depression. Better safe than
sorry. Read up on it. Look for the signs. I had no clue this
existed but it was very very real for me - brought upon by number 7
above and lack of sleep.

9. Sleep - be sure to sleep when the baby sleeps. Number 1 rule.
Everything else can wait.

10. Childcare- have you thought about childcare when you return to

cheepette8 said...
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cheepette8 said...

Scented trash bags were high on my list. The little kind that fits small trash cans. They were great in the hotel and on the go diaper changes.