Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dear little people

Dear Sheridan, Shelby, Micah, Laney, Lena, Lily, Marissa, Reece, Mimi, Ricky,Glenys, Allie, Noah, Emily, Cacki, Giana, Aria, Maren, and to all those I have met in the hospital or have forgotten,

You may never know this but in your young lives, you have greatly impacted mine. You have made Michael and I smile, and given us a glimpse of our future. Just by simply being you, you have helped grow our hearts.
YOu have made my life just a little bit brighter. I have developed some real relationships with some of you and I consider it an amazing gift and blessing and I treasure the time I spend with you and your families.

Thank you for being you. One day I hope your parents tell you how your little life helped bring encouragement to so many. The red thread is an amazing thing!

To your parents, thank you for adopting. For had you not followed that voice of God's I would not be experiencing what I am experiencing. Your decision years ago is impacting more people than you will ever know. I can not express how my heart feels about the past 2 years! Its been so incredible. Its been road all right, I could never have imagined this amazing thing called adoption. Its soooo much more that that, isn't ?

To hear Micah say Aunt Amy rocks made my day!


Cristy said...

You brought tears to my eyes mentioning my girlies, because YOU have impacted our family in such an amazing way, and I don't know if you fully realize it. What a scary night we had, and you were a beacon of calm and peacefulness. The few dinners we have met before FF, and you can see the wonderful parents you will be in the way you respond to your honorary nieces and nephews.

I can't wait to see Lynn Marie in your arms, and the joy on your face!

Special K said...

I'm just crying here. You are an amazing friend and an awesome professional. Your presence made our hospital stay so much easier and even when it was tough, we knew you'd do everything you could to get us through it.

Micah's right - Aunt Amy rocks!

Don and Be said...

Amy rocks - there - we said it too - we agree, Micah!

Beverly said...

Well aren't you sweet and you made me tear up too.

Liz said...

Thanks for following our journey - I will try to keep it more updated! I will follow yours as well!

Take care!

Roy and Lori said...

Have a great weekend!

The Straight's said...

You too are an amazing person and we are so lucky to have been blessed by your friendship through adoption. Thanks for being a great friend. I can't wait to welcome home Lynn Marie personally :)

Alyson & Ford said...

If Don and Be said it. It's all truth. They only hang with the best!!!

Jen & Bill said...

Ricky says Hi Amy!! He is sitting on my lap. He keeps pointing to the screen and saying Hi....well his Hi sounds like I.

Deanna said...

Micah sure knows what he's talking about! Thank you for including Cackie in you love!
I've been thinking about you guys, can't wait to hear good news from the SN program (it's the best thing we ever did!).