Friday, June 13, 2008

joy restored?

SO this morning at work, I sent out an email update on the Christopher adoption. (let me know if you are interested in being on the list or on the prayer update list). Its always fun to share whats going on with people you do not get the chance to talk to or see.

Since turning in our MCC, my eyes have opened to new things. Kind of amazing, kind of scary. I think, hope, dream, and pray about LynnMarie. When I take care of Chinese kids at work, my mind races. Happened again last night. Obviously I can not give details, but I watched a mother love her child and it warmed my heart.

I can not wait to love her more. I can not wait to protect her, plan things for her, pray over her. Someone came up to me the other day and said. "So I hear you are getting a special needs baby?". That is totally false. Perhaps the maternal part of me coming out.But we will not have a special needs baby. She will not be labeled.She may be a beautiful, wonderful child with a special need, but she will not be a special needs baby. I know I need to check my words sometimes but this really rubbed me the wrong way. That's one of the things they teach you in nursing school. You say she has cancer rather than shes a cancer patient because theses diseases and disabilities do not own you. I think that I am beginning the glimpse things that I never thought about before.

So, my joy was restored again this week as I look forward to loving more and watching our hearts grow even more. I watch these moms watch their children suffer and as I walk with them, my heart is heavy.

I so enjoy this journey of adoption. I can not believe the things about myself I have learned. I have seen the good in people, even strangers. I have experienced community. God has whispered to me and I have listened. I can not wait to see where this takes us! I am so excited to get myself and my home ready for a child..WooHoo!

For those adopting families in blogs, you have helped created my dreams, my prayers. I have to tell you that the Miracle (that's actually their name) family is in China getting their son and she still had time to send me an encouraging note!

Man you guys rock!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I want to be on the list and the prayer list. I love to pray so put me on it.
I am out of the loop. Are you adopting sn? Yeah for you! I will have to read all your back posts now to get the info.

sara said...


I have to agree with you that this adoption journey has really been something else. I stand in awe of the way that God has worked in all of our lives through this process...Our family has grown in so many intimate ways, and we have learned to take fall outs & disappoints me a little more gracefully. I have to say that as much as I am looking forward to having our Mya Papaya home; I am thankful for all that God is teaching us along the way!

I got a new book (at Pottery Barn Kids nonetheless) called "Motherbridge of Love" and it is PHENOM. It really is a beautiful tribute to both mothers and the illustrations are gorgeous. It was anonymously sent in to Motherbridge of Love and all proceeds go to the charity. it is my very favorite book so far......

Briana's Mom said...

Great post! Your maternal side is definitely coming out! I never felt the need to protect someone as much as I do Briana. I am like a tiger protecting her cub!

The Evans Family said...

The journey of adoption gives us so many opportunities to educate people. In my experiences people say things because they just don't know any better. I've gotten really good at distinguishing those from the individuals who really are just mean (yes, they ARE out there!).
I am more than happy to share with those that are "uneducated" but save my venom for the nasties!

Tina said...


Glad to meet you... had to tell you about my friend Gwen.. if you have not yet found her in blogland. She's adopted 2 from China and does a lot of great things for adoption. Great ideas for support, fund raising AND she's writing a book about adoption. You two should meet for sure!

Blessings to you in the wait!

Truly Blessed said...


Can you email me? I might have a little problem doing the postcard exchange (at least getting the addresses off the list by July 1) since I'll be in China on July 1.

I can wait until the next card exchange if that works better. Let me know...

Kelly (